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Blog: Saving the timid TV press from itself
By Ronald K.L. Collins With hard-hitting, informative interviews, Fox News shows what the craven electronic news media should be doing but aren't.   04.06.10

Freedom’s risks: the danger of safety
By Ronald K.L. Collins The dangers of speech are one of the costs of real freedom.   04.02.10

Blog: an appreciation of C. Edwin Baker, 1947-2009
By Ronald K.L. Collins First Amendment scholar extraordinaire often took maverick view of principles of free expression.   12.11.09

Sotomayor & Citizens United: so many possibilities ... same result
By Ronald K.L. Collins High court highly likely to back free-speech claim in 'Hillary movie' case, but new justice's participation will be interesting.   09.04.09

Souter's free-expression case record
By Ronald K.L. Collins Lists, table showing Justice David Souter's record on free-expression cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.   06.25.09

Justice Souter, Justice Holmes, the First Amendment and Yankee independence
By Ronald K.L. Collins Like the great jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes, Souter showed a maverick streak, but his First Amendment opinions aren't likely to leave a Holmesian-like mark on the law.   06.25.09

Sotomayor and free expression
By Ronald K.L. Collins Supreme Court nominee's record suggests reason for cautious optimism.   05.28.09

A look at 'Cyberbullying & Public Schools'
Foreword by Ronald K.L. Collins Introducing an online symposium on cyberbullying and the challenges it poses to students' rights to safety and liberty.   03.31.09

Civil War tested Lincoln's tolerance for free speech, press
By Ron Collins As Newseum exhibit opens, a look at how Abraham Lincoln handled dissent at a perilous time.   02.11.09

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