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Current Books - 2008
Freedom of Expression-Related
Freedom of Religion-Related
  Anthony Lewis, Freedom for the Thought That We Hate: A Biography of the First Amendment
  Anne Proffitt Dupre, Speaking Up: The Unintended Costs of Free Speech in Public Schools
  Brian C. Anderson & Adam D. Thierer, A Manifesto for Media Freedom
  Milo, Dario, Defamation and Freedom of Speech
  Ernest Freeberg, Democracy’s Prisoner: Eugene V. Debs, the Great War, and the Right to Dissent
  Robert L. Tsai, Eloquence and Reason: Creating a First Amendment Culture
  Vile, John, David Hudson, David Schultz, Encyclopedia of the First Amendment
  Volokh, Eugene, First Amendment and Related Statutory Problems, Cases and Policy Arguments
  Jerome Barron & C. Thomas Dienes, First Amendment Law in a Nutshell (4th edition)
  Stephen M. Feldman, Free Expression and Democracy in America: A History
  Steven J. Heyman, Free Speech & Human Dignity
  Amar, Vikram, Freedom of Speech: First Amendment
  Laura Wittern-Keller, Freedom of the Screen: Legal Challenges to State Film Censorship, 1915-1981
  Demaske, Chris, Modern Power and Free Speech: Contemporary Culture and Issues of Equality
  Lange, David & H. Jefferson Powell, No Law: Intellectual Property in the Image of an Absolute First Amendment
  Mark R. Scherer, Rights in the Balance: Free Press, Fair Trial, & Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart
  Zick, Timothy, Speech Out of Doors: Preserving First Amendment Liberties in Public Places
  Kerr, Robert L., The Corporate Free-Speech Movement: Cognitive Feudalism and the Endangered Marketplace of Ideas
  Krotoszynski, Ronald J., & Steven Gey, Lyrissa C. Barnett Lidsky, & Christina E. Wells, The First Amendment: Cases and Theory
  Laura Wittern-Keller & Raymond J. Haberski Jr., The Miracle Case: Film Censorship and the Supreme Court
Freedom of Expression-Related
  Siegel, Barry, Claim of Privilege: A Mysterious Plane Crash, a Landmark Supreme Court Case, and the Rise of State Secrets
  Wartzman, Rick, Obscene in the Extreme: The Burning and Banning of John Steinbeck’s the Grapes of Wrath
  Patricia Clien Cohen, Timothy J. Gilfoyle, Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz & the American Antiquarian Society, The Flash Press: Sporting Male Weeklies in 1840s New York
  David Hajdu, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America
  Polner, Murray & Thomas E. Woods, Jr., We Who Dared to Say No to War: American Antiwar Writing from 1812 to Now
Freedom of Religion-Related
  Vile, John, David Hudson, David Schultz, Encyclopedia of the First Amendment
  Gaddy , C. Welton and Barry W. Lynn, First Freedom First: A Citizen’s Guide to Protecting Religious Liberty and the Separation of Church and State
  Steven Waldman, Founding Faith: Providence, Politics, and the Birth of Religious Freedom in America
  Barry Adamson, Freedom of Religion: The First Amendment and the Supreme Court -- How the Court Flunked History
  Martha C. Nussbaum, Liberty of Conscience: In Defense of America's Tradition of Religious Equality
  Kent Greenawalt, Religion and the Constitution: Volume 2: Establishment and Fairness
  Ramazani, R.K., & Robert Fatton, Religion, State, and Society: Jefferson’s Wall of Separation in Comparative Perspective
  Flowers, Ronald, & Rogers, Melissa and Green, Steven, Religious Freedom and the Supreme Court
  Vickers, Lucy, Religious Freedom, Religious Discrimination at the Workplace
  Bruce T. Murray, Religious Liberty in America: The First Amendment in Historical and Contemporary Perspective
  Berg, Thomas C., editor, The Free Exercise of Religion Clause: The First Amendment
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