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Court Term: 2002-2003
   Petitions Filed
Freedom of Information
  Review Granted
  United States Department of Treasury v. City of Chicago
  Whether reporters and others can use a federal public information law to obtain unclassified government records that officials would not otherwise release. The Court will decide if the release of the data could interfere with law enforcement efforts, which would exempt it from the sunshine law. At issue is access to information on about 200,000 firearm traces a year. In a firearm trace, officers confiscate a weapon in a crime, then track down who made it, sold it and bought it.
 Petitions for Review (pending cases)
  Tigue v. Department of Justice
  This action was brought by a lawyer and his law firm seeking access under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U. S. C. § 552( b)) to a memorandum prepared by an assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York and sent to a public commission. The Neiman Memorandum outlined the Southern District’s opinions and recommendations as to how the Internal Revenue Service should conduct criminal tax investigations. The Memorandum was written for, and forwarded to, the Criminal Investigation Division Review Task Force, which was established by the IRS to gather information and make suggestions on how to reform its Criminal Investigations Department. The district court ruled against such disclosure under the FOIA.
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