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Blog: Free speech doesn't depend on 'social benefits'
By Gene Policinski Supreme Court's Stevens ruling affirms danger of letting government act as censor, even with best intentions.   04.21.10

Amid wrenching change, some hopeful signs for journalism
By Gene Policinski New-media technology and good, old-fashioned reporting can combine to give more people more news in more ways than ever.   04.18.10

Beyond the chiffon, proms can be speech battlegrounds
By Gene Policinski Mississippi ruling affirms that high schoolers, like the rest of us, should be allowed to express themselves.   04.04.10

Speech with a brick behind it: not protected
By Gene Policinski Bitter, bigoted words are allowed under the First Amendment — until they cross a line into what the law calls a 'true threat.'   04.03.10

Blog: Free speech on display — and off-limits
By Gene Policinski Even as our freedom of speech is robustly exercised in the health-care debate, China reminds us that in many parts of the world, some topics cannot be discussed.   03.23.10

Actually, Rep. Kennedy, the press does cover the news
By Gene Policinski Rhode Island congressman who ranted about lack of reporters in House press gallery should know thousands of journalists nationwide are indeed busily reporting news we need.   03.21.10