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4th Circuit fumbles decision on liquor ads in campus newspapers
By Douglas Lee Majority almost entirely ignores 3rd Circuit decision in similar case, which was written by current Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.   04.22.10

Fla. takes bold steps in giving public access to court records
By Douglas Lee High court embraces challenge of balancing public's right to know against parties' legitimate needs for confidentiality.   03.30.10

Transparency alone won't cure all that ails us
By Douglas Lee Watchdogs must be vigilant and government officials must be willing to open their own agencies to the sunlight and act on what they find.   03.05.10

Mass. high court offers cover for anonymous sources
By Douglas Lee Justices side with newspaper that invoked fair-report privilege to protect information attributed to confidential source.   01.20.10

Free-speech advocates cheer dismissal of Dixie Chicks case
By Douglas Lee First Amendment backers had eyed case with concern in light of recent willingness of some judges, juries to punish fair and accurate reporting of public records.   12.15.09