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  4th Circuit fumbles decision on liquor ads in campus newspapers (commentary)
  By Douglas Lee Majority almost entirely ignores 3rd Circuit decision in similar case, which was written by current Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.     04.22.10
  Stevens’ 10 worst First Amendment opinions (analysis)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Retiring justice didn't always come down on the side of free expression.     04.22.10
  Blog: Free speech doesn't depend on 'social benefits' (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski Supreme Court's Stevens ruling affirms danger of letting government act as censor, even with best intentions.     04.21.10
  Court embraces First Amendment in Stevens (analysis)
  By Tony Mauro Roberts calls government defense of animal-video law 'startling and dangerous.'     04.21.10
  High court questions scope of campus policy on student clubs (analysis)
  By Tony Mauro While hearing religious group's challenge, justices express frustration as to whether law school really has 'all-comers' policy.     04.20.10
  Blog: Court refuses to create new free-speech exemption (commentary)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Chief justice's reasoning in U.S. v. Stevens ensures that not every censor can take his or her slice out of First Amendment pie.     04.20.10
  Amid wrenching change, some hopeful signs for journalism (commentary)
  By Gene Policinski New-media technology and good, old-fashioned reporting can combine to give more people more news in more ways than ever.     04.18.10
  Stevens' top 10 in First Amendment jurisprudence (analysis)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. From Internet to adult entertainment, justice had hand in many important rulings.     04.14.10
  Stevens proved consistent voice for public-employee speech (analysis)
  By David L. Hudson Jr. Justice found workers don't forfeit rights simply by virtue of holding government position, scholar says.     04.12.10