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  Wis. Legislature passes journalist-shield bill
  Gov. Jim Doyle says he will sign measure protecting journalists, in most cases, from having to reveal confidential sources in court.     04.22.10
  Police seize hundreds of photos from Va. campus newspaper
  Student-press expert says action against The Breeze likely violated federal law, which prohibits search of newsrooms for unpublished newsgathering materials.     04.19.10
  Destruction of videotapes documented in CIA e-mail
  According to records released under FOIA request, President Bush's top lawyer and her CIA counterpart didn't find out waterboarding tapes were destroyed until after the fact.     04.17.10
  Kan. governor signs journalist-shield bill into law
  Mark Parkinson says measure respects 'a reporter's discretion in disclosing information and sources' and will allow journalists to 'continue bringing the news home to Kansans.'     04.16.10
  Ex-NSA executive charged in classified-leak case
  Federal prosecutors say Thomas Drake shared classified information with reporter and some of that secret data appeared in newspaper articles.     04.16.10
  High court rejects broadcasters' latest request for same-day audio
  Refusal means for that first time in four years, Supreme Court will go entire term without granting quick release of recordings of high-profile arguments.     04.15.10
  Ky. wins top rating for openness in government spending
  Comprehensive Web site wins state the only A in 50-state study; only six states rated B.     04.14.10
  Ohio high court sides with newspaper, strikes down gag order
  Judge Keith Muehlfeld had issued order barring The Blade of Toledo from reporting on one trial until jury could be seated in related trial.     04.14.10
  Ky. parents can inspect child's educational records
  Attorney general's office says parents have 'absolute right' to all school documents relating to their children, including e-mails between teachers and administrators.     04.13.10
  Despite court ruling, FCC to move ahead with broadband plan
  In laying out agenda, agency says it will ensure it has proper legal footing after appeals court decision finding it has no authority to impose Net-neutrality regulations.     04.09.10
  New Miss. law sets quicker response for records release
  Meanwhile in Kentucky, governor signs measure shedding more light on two groups representing locally elected officials.     04.09.10
  Ky. newspaper commenter to remain anonymous for now
  However, Madison Circuit Judge Jean Logue adopts multipart test that allows for Web poster to be identified if certain criteria are met.     04.09.10
  Judge in Ohio serial-killing trial sues newspaper for $50M
  Shirley Strickland Saffold and daughter claim Plain Dealer, parent company and Web-site firm released confidential data that violated's privacy policy.     04.08.10
  Maine governor signs bill restricting access to vital records
  Supporters say new law will prevent fraud and identity theft based on birth, marriage, death records.     04.08.10
  Tenn. newspapers win release of church sex-abuse files
  Records, disclosed after yearlong court battle, are part of lawsuit that was settled last year between Memphis Diocese and man who said he was abused as teen by Catholic priest.     04.08.10
  Human Rights Watch fights subpoenas in genocide case
  Group, former director argue their research notes and informants' identities are protected by First Amendment, reporters' newsgathering privileges.     04.07.10
  U.S. military can't find its copy of Iraq killing video
  Officials begin searching for footage, which shows two Reuters employees being killed by troops, after a leaked version circulated on Internet.     04.07.10
  Mediators: Statements by juvenile witnesses are open
  Tennessee Office of Open Records Counsel responds to Knoxville News Sentinel's request for records in accidental shooting death.     04.06.10
  Neb. governor signs bill aimed at opening legal settlements
  New law will force government bodies to report settlements on meeting agendas, won't allow use of confidentiality agreements as excuse to keep deals secret.     04.06.10
  Ore. officials won't release records from probe of girl's death
  District attorney says public interest fails to outweigh invasion of personal privacy to family of 6-year-old who medical examiner concluded committed suicide.     04.05.10
  Obama administration says radio should pay fees to performers
  National Broadcasters Association opposes measure, saying that forcing AM, FM stations to pay royalties to performers would threaten thousands of jobs.     04.02.10
  N.Y. Fed reveals key details about bailouts
  Disclosure marks sharp reversal for Fed, which has long refused to divulge much info about investments it purchased while rescuing AIG and supporting sale of Bear Stearns.     04.01.10
  Federal judge: La. inmate has right to religious newspaper
  Prison officials restricted access to Nation of Islam's The Final Call, citing security concerns over articles they claim are racially discriminatory.     04.01.10
  Kan. legislators back journalist-shield bill
  Measure would give journalists limited protection against being forced to identify anonymous sources or disclose information they haven't published or broadcast.     03.31.10
  Chicago police subpoena Wash. journalism prof's notes
  In 1994, Carolyn Nielsen wrote stories that questioned murder trial, conviction of Thaddeus Jimenez, who is suing police after being exonerated of crime.     03.29.10
  Digital age sparks open-government dilemma
  As officials increasingly field requests for their cell-phone records, e-mails and text messages, legislative bodies nationwide are adopting rules limiting lawmakers' use of electronic devices.     03.27.10
  Brave new words? British introduce 'libel-tourism' reforms
  Critics say country's current laws stifle free expression, hamper investigative reporting on public-interest issues such as corruption or health risks.     03.26.10
  Federal judge again agrees CIA can keep detainee info secret
  ACLU fails to persuade court to force release of names, documents relating to interrogation of Sept. 11 detainees.     03.25.10
  3rd Circuit lifts media-ownership restrictions
  Opponent of media consolidation says decision signals court has lost patience with the FCC.     03.24.10
  Oprah settles defamation lawsuit
  Trial had been set to start next week in case brought by ex-head of Winfrey's girls school in South Africa.     03.24.10

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