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  Obama administration to appeal ruling against prayer day
  In related news, Pentagon rescinds invitation to evangelist Franklin Graham to speak on National Day of Prayer because of comments about Islam.     04.23.10
  Ky. high court: Baptist university can't keep state funds
  Majority upholds trial judge's decision, finding $11 million appropriation by state lawmakers violated state constitution.     04.23.10
  Congressmen condemn ruling against National Day of Prayer
  Meanwhile, Pentagon considers disinviting evangelist Franklin Graham to speak because of his criticisms of Muslim faith.     04.22.10
  Group sues over exclusion from Mont. charitable program
  Montana Family Foundation claims state violated its free speech by barring it from employee-donation program because of its religious views.     04.20.10
  High court hears Christian group's challenge to campus bias rules
  Christian Legal Society claims University of California law school violated its freedoms of speech, religion and association when it was denied recognition as student group.     04.19.10
  Federal judge rules Day of Prayer unconstitutional
  District Judge Barbara Crabb writes that government can no more enact laws supporting prayer than it can encourage fasting during Ramadan, attending a synagogue or practicing magic.     04.16.10
  Church-state issue clouds Ind. schools' conversion
  Some worry that even after Indianapolis Catholic schools become public charter schools, religious influence might linger.     04.15.10
  Fla. Legislature revives voucher amendment
  Lawmakers' bid to protect religious school vouchers and other state-funded faith-based programs from legal attack comes a year and a half after state high court took similar measure off the ballot.     04.14.10
  Nev. court tosses priest's lawsuit challenging his firing
  Washoe County judge grants Reno Diocese's motion to dismiss case, saying First Amendment prevents court from intervening in contractual dispute involving church.     04.10.10
  Federal judge dismisses wage claims in suit against Scientology
  Church argued that as Sea Organization member, Claire Headley was exempt from wage requirements because she was part of religious order.     04.07.10
  Federal judge: La. inmate has right to religious newspaper
  Prison officials restricted access to Nation of Islam's The Final Call, citing security concerns over articles they claim are racially discriminatory.     04.01.10
  Baltimore Archdiocese challenges city's abortion-sign ordinance
  Federal lawsuit claims law requiring pregnancy centers that don't provide abortions to post signs saying so violates free speech and amounts to viewpoint discrimination.     03.31.10
  N.J. county's 'blue law' may be on its way out
  Prohibition on Sunday shopping for most goods keeps residents from getting sump pumps, generators, cleanup tools after weekend storm flooding.     03.29.10
  Judge blocks new college trustees in religious dispute
  Presbyterian church stopped from installing new board at Erskine College in South Carolina.     03.28.10
  Hare Krishnas barred from Calif. airport solicitation
  California Supreme Court rules group is still free to preach on airport property and ask passengers to send in donations later.     03.26.10
  1st Sikh in decades graduates from Army officer school
  Capt. Tejdeep Singh Rattan completes nine-week training after Army officials make exemption to policy that has effectively prevented Sikhs from enlisting since 1984.     03.23.10
  High court won't hear student's challenge of 'Ave Maria' ban
  Justice Samuel Alito says 9th Circuit's decision could lead to wide-ranging censorship of student speech.     03.22.10
  9th Circuit: OT laws don't cover seminarians
  Court cites 'ministerial exception' to employment laws required by First Amendment religious liberty.     03.17.10
  Conservative views prevail in Texas school lessons
  State education board shapes standards, including required teaching of Judeo-Christian influences on Founding Fathers, that can affect what's in textbooks nationwide.     03.15.10
  1960 faith issue may echo in politics today
  'Religion question' raised in John F. Kennedy's presidential candidacy lives on, and not just for Catholics, panelists say at Newseum.     03.10.10

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