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  Federal court won't hear challenge to Neb. flag-desecration law
  But judge lets claims against funeral-protest law proceed, says Shirley Phelps-Roper can raise questions about flag statute's constitutionality during her criminal case in state court.     04.22.10
  Mo. officials, Klan to square off in court over denied permit
  Federal judge issues emergency restraining order, schedules hearing over preliminary injunction in case of KKK group barred from gathering at historic site.     04.21.10
  Idaho Supreme Court upholds town's curfew
  High court overturns lower court, which found rules violated kids' free speech by blocking proteced activities.     03.30.10
  Philadelphia officials announce crackdown on 'flash mobs'
  Police are monitoring social-networking sites for early warning of potential disturbances; mayor says if 'stupidity' continues, he'll permanently tighten city's curfew for minors.     03.25.10
  Supreme Court stays out of Mass. abortion-clinic case
  Justices refuse to hear appeal from anti-abortion activists who say law creating 35-foot buffer zone around clinic entrances, driveways violates free speech.     03.22.10
  Justices agree to hear funeral-protest case
  Court to consider whether church has right to picket military funerals.
  • Milavetz ruling     03.08.10
      N.Y. lawyer tossed from mall over anti-war T-shirt loses appeal
      State appeals court says Stephen Downs' rights weren't violated because private property owner ordered him thrown out, not the government.     02.22.10
      Federal judge overturns Rainbow Family convictions
      Court says magistrate's makeshift courtroom in Monongahela National Forest inadvertently denied defendants the ability to effectively appeal their illegal assembly convictions.     02.20.10
      Federal judge: NYC can require permit for mass bike rides
      Cyclists had challenged rules requiring groups of 50 or more to get parade permits, saying mandate violates bikers' rights to travel, expressive association and free speech.     02.17.10
      Nashville sit-ins made history and headlines, panelists say
      Marking 50th anniversary of sit-in movement, participants in First Amendment Center, NAACP program discuss how news media covered lunch-counter protests.     02.15.10
      Feds wrongly tracked Wis. pro-, anti-abortion activists
      Groups seek release of threat-assessment report prepared by U.S. Department of Homeland Security and shared with local police, state intelligence center.     02.09.10
      2 thrown out of Bush event can't revive lawsuit
      10th Circuit finds protesters can't sue because volunteers who evicted them acted under White House direction in official capacity.     01.29.10
      Wash. anti-war group sues over alleged government spying
      Members of Olympia organization accuse Army intelligence analyst, others of illegally infiltrating group and gathering info that was used to make wrongful arrests.     01.14.10
      La. town not liable for cop's actions against street preachers
      Group's attorney responds to 5th Circuit decision, saying he has noticed pattern of rulings that refuse to hold municipal governments accountable in civil rights cases.     12.22.09
      Student can pursue challenge of school’s gang-affiliation policy
      By David L. Hudson Jr. After rejecting a free-speech claim, federal judge finds New York school's policy too broad.     11.18.09
      2nd Circuit rains on new parades for NYC's Fifth Ave.
      Court upholds city's right to bar parades along popular route, saying the 'Fifth Avenue Rule' doesn't discriminate on content basis.     11.18.09
      Texas students get go-ahead for empty-holster protests
      Federal judge grants temporary restraining order allowing Tarrant County College students to participate in nationwide demonstration this week.     11.10.09
      Ore. court: Elder-abuse law protects furrier from protesters
      Judge orders four animal-rights activists to keep their distance from 75-year-old and his store, saying level of profanity that they directed at man clearly violated statute.     11.09.09
      3rd Circuit rejects Pittsburgh's abortion-clinic access law
      Unanimous three-judge panel finds either set of distance limits could by itself be legal, but that combined, the zones violate First Amendment.     11.03.09
      Alaska court rejects free-association challenge to smoking ban
      Judge rules against Fraternal Order of Eagles, saying Juneau ordinance regulates 'actions of the (group's) members, not their choice of the people with whom they associate.'     10.26.09
      9th Circuit judge urges settlement in campus-speech case
      'It sounds like you have achieved a victory,' Chief Judge Alex Kozinski tells lawyer for anti-abortion group, referring to fact that Arizona State has already altered policy at center of lawsuit.     10.22.09
      Chicago City Council backs abortion-clinic buffer zone
      If measure is enacted, protesters will be prohibited from getting nearer than eight feet of patients who are within 50 feet of a facility.     10.09.09
      N.Y. man accused of tweeting cop actions at protests
      During G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, man arrested for using Twitter to monitor police moves for other activists.     10.05.09
      Critics question use of acoustic 'weapon' to disperse G-20 crowds
      Joel Kupferman, who attended Sept. 24 march as legal observer for National Lawyers Guild, said he was overwhelmed by device's deterrent tone, calling it 'overkill.'     10.03.09
      Mass. high court rejects teen curfew's criminal penalties
      Justices uphold Lowell curfew, but say that criminal prosecution of a minor, with the potential for state confinement, 'is an extraordinary and unnecessary response.'     09.29.09
      Police overreacted at G-20 protest, critics say
      Civil libertarians accuse riot officers of focusing on largely peaceful, if unsanctioned, demonstrations when they should have been paying more attention to small groups of vandals.     09.28.09
      4th Circuit nixes $5 million verdict against funeral protesters
      Three-judge panel finds signs used by members of Kansas church to picket Marine's funeral contained 'imaginative and hyperbolic rhetoric' protected by First Amendment.     09.25.09
      Denial of 'yoga for peace' event sparks protest in N.H. town
      Town selectmen say they rejected request because they lacked information about plans for the gathering.     09.25.09
      G-20 protesters allege police harassment in lawsuit
      Two groups accuse Pittsburgh officers of engaging in 'systematic attempts to harass and discourage lawful First Amendment activities' in run-up to global economic summit.     09.22.09
      Activists get go-ahead to erect 'tent city' for G-20 protest
      But federal judge denies requests by two other groups to camp overnight in park and to rally on bridge near economic summit being held next week in Pittsburgh.     09.18.09

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