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  Obama administration to appeal ruling against prayer day
  In related news, Pentagon rescinds invitation to evangelist Franklin Graham to speak on National Day of Prayer because of comments about Islam.     04.23.10
  Ky. high court: Baptist university can't keep state funds
  Majority upholds trial judge's decision, finding $11 million appropriation by state lawmakers violated state constitution.     04.23.10
  Wash. jury sides with district in fight over school newspaper story
  Four students claimed their reputations were ruined when Emerald Ridge High School's JagWire included their names, sexual histories in story about oral sex.     04.23.10
  Comedy Central censored 'South Park' segment, producers say
  Trey Parker, Matt Stone say network removed speech about intimidation and fear from show after radical Muslim group warned that they could be killed for insulting Prophet Muhammad.     04.23.10
  Nashville to host copyright conference
  News release Members of the U.S. Copyright Office will hold daylong discussions at the First Amendment Center April 29.     04.22.10
  Federal court won't hear challenge to Neb. flag-desecration law
  But judge lets claims against funeral-protest law proceed, says Shirley Phelps-Roper can raise questions about flag statute's constitutionality during her criminal case in state court.     04.22.10
  Wis. Legislature passes journalist-shield bill
  Gov. Jim Doyle says he will sign measure protecting journalists, in most cases, from having to reveal confidential sources in court.     04.22.10
  Congressmen condemn ruling against National Day of Prayer
  Meanwhile, Pentagon considers disinviting evangelist Franklin Graham to speak because of his criticisms of Muslim faith.     04.22.10
  Amazon: N.C. bid to collect taxes violates free speech
  Online retailer says disclosing names, addresses of buyers would harm customers who may have bought controversial books or movies.     04.21.10
  Google discloses demands for censorship, user data
  Country-by-country breakdown marks first time Internet search leader has provided detailed look at censorship, data requests it gets from regulators, courts and other government agencies.     04.21.10
  Mo. officials, Klan to square off in court over denied permit
  Federal judge issues emergency restraining order, schedules hearing over preliminary injunction in case of KKK group barred from gathering at historic site.     04.21.10
  Justices strike down animal-cruelty video ban
  High court says federal law violates First Amendment.     04.20.10
  Idaho election law unfair to independents, federal court finds
  Magistrate judge sides with Arizona resident who claimed he was unfairly barred from collecting signatures in Idaho to get independent presidential candidate on state ballot.     04.20.10
  Group sues over exclusion from Mont. charitable program
  Montana Family Foundation claims state violated its free speech by barring it from employee-donation program because of its religious views.     04.20.10
  E. German protest art showcases freedom
  News release Breakthrough Art Organization’s inaugural program championing free expression in face of repression opens in Nashville.     04.19.10
  High court hears Christian group's challenge to campus bias rules
  Christian Legal Society claims University of California law school violated its freedoms of speech, religion and association when it was denied recognition as student group.     04.19.10
  Police seize hundreds of photos from Va. campus newspaper
  Student-press expert says action against The Breeze likely violated federal law, which prohibits search of newsrooms for unpublished newsgathering materials.     04.19.10
  Army dismisses soldier who recorded violent rap song
  Lt. Col. Eric Bloom said top brass decided to discharge Spc. Marc A. Hall instead of taking him to trial in part because he admitted his guilt.     04.19.10
  Destruction of videotapes documented in CIA e-mail
  According to records released under FOIA request, President Bush's top lawyer and her CIA counterpart didn't find out waterboarding tapes were destroyed until after the fact.     04.17.10
  Newseum to feature Mary Chapin Carpenter
  News release 'Freedom Sings' event April 27 celebrates her receiving 'Spirit of Americana' Free Speech in Music Award.     04.16.10
  Federal judge rules Day of Prayer unconstitutional
  District Judge Barbara Crabb writes that government can no more enact laws supporting prayer than it can encourage fasting during Ramadan, attending a synagogue or practicing magic.     04.16.10
  6th Circuit: Ohio anti-porn law is constitutional
  Three-judge panel finds statute aimed at protecting children from online pornography, predators doesn't violate First Amendment or commerce clause.     04.16.10
  Ex-NSA executive charged in classified-leak case
  Federal prosecutors say Thomas Drake shared classified information with reporter and some of that secret data appeared in newspaper articles.     04.16.10
  Kan. governor signs journalist-shield bill into law
  Mark Parkinson says measure respects 'a reporter's discretion in disclosing information and sources' and will allow journalists to 'continue bringing the news home to Kansans.'     04.16.10
  High court rejects broadcasters' latest request for same-day audio
  Refusal means for that first time in four years, Supreme Court will go entire term without granting quick release of recordings of high-profile arguments.     04.15.10
  Marine's anti-Obama Facebook comments stir debate
  'There's this illusion that when we sign our contract and voluntarily commit, that we lose our right to speak out,' Sgt. Gary Stein tells San Diego newspaper.     04.15.10
  'Twilight' hits another milestone: ALA list of challenged books
  Multimillion-selling series ranks No. 5; Lauren Myracle's 'IM' series bumps And Tango Makes Three from top spot.     04.15.10
  Church-state issue clouds Ind. schools' conversion
  Some worry that even after Indianapolis Catholic schools become public charter schools, religious influence might linger.     04.15.10
  Ohio high court sides with newspaper, strikes down gag order
  Judge Keith Muehlfeld had issued order barring The Blade of Toledo from reporting on one trial until jury could be seated in related trial.     04.14.10
  Mass. governor signs bill updating obscenity law
  Measure closes loophole that led state high court to overturn conviction of man accused of sending explicit text messages to girl.     04.14.10

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