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Obama administration to appeal ruling against prayer day
In related news, Pentagon rescinds invitation to evangelist Franklin Graham to speak on National Day of Prayer because of comments about Islam.     04.23.10
Ky. high court: Baptist university can't keep state funds
Majority upholds trial judge's decision, finding $11 million appropriation by state lawmakers violated state constitution.     04.23.10
Wash. jury sides with district in fight over school newspaper story
Four students claimed their reputations were ruined when Emerald Ridge High School's JagWire included their names, sexual histories in story about oral sex.     04.23.10
Comedy Central censored 'South Park' segment, producers say
Trey Parker, Matt Stone say network removed speech about intimidation and fear from show after radical Muslim group warned that they could be killed for insulting Prophet Muhammad.     04.23.10
Nashville to host copyright conference
News release Members of the U.S. Copyright Office will hold daylong discussions at the First Amendment Center April 29.     04.22.10
Congressmen condemn ruling against National Day of Prayer
Meanwhile, Pentagon considers disinviting evangelist Franklin Graham to speak because of his criticisms of Muslim faith.     04.22.10
Federal court won't hear challenge to Neb. flag-desecration law
But judge lets claims against funeral-protest law proceed, says Shirley Phelps-Roper can raise questions about flag statute's constitutionality during her criminal case in state court.     04.22.10
Wis. Legislature passes journalist-shield bill
Gov. Jim Doyle says he will sign measure protecting journalists, in most cases, from having to reveal confidential sources in court.     04.22.10
Amazon: N.C. bid to collect taxes violates free speech
Online retailer says disclosing names, addresses of buyers would harm customers who may have bought controversial books or movies.     04.21.10
Mo. officials, Klan to square off in court over denied permit
Federal judge issues emergency restraining order, schedules hearing over preliminary injunction in case of KKK group barred from gathering at historic site.     04.21.10
Google discloses demands for censorship, user data
Country-by-country breakdown marks first time Internet search leader has provided detailed look at censorship, data requests it gets from regulators, courts and other government agencies.     04.21.10
Justices strike down animal-cruelty video ban
High court says federal law violates First Amendment.     04.20.10
Idaho election law unfair to independents, federal court finds
Magistrate judge sides with Arizona resident who claimed he was unfairly barred from collecting signatures in Idaho to get independent presidential candidate on state ballot.     04.20.10

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