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Our motto risks becoming ‘Over God we fight’
By Charles C. Haynes Even something as innocuous as the 50th anniversary of “In God We Trust” is an occasion for culture warring.    07.23.06

In debates over homosexuality, schools should be both safe and free
By Charles C. Haynes A good place to start would be to address growing tension between free-speech, religious claims on one side vs. concerns about harassment of gay, lesbian students on the other.   07.09.06

Honoring Sgt. Stewart: Wiccans are Americans too
By Charles C. Haynes Why is the VA taking so long to approve a grave-marker symbol for fallen soldiers who followed a recognized faith?   06.25.06

Religious freedom isn’t up for a vote
By Charles C. Haynes Recent column on Kentucky graduation prayer draws reader ire; but protecting minority rights does not turn the minority into a tyrant.   06.11.06

Prayer protest at graduation: Fighting over God and country
By Charles C. Haynes Kentucky students imposed Christian prayer on public ceremony — even though there are legal, fair ways to acknowledge God at graduation.   05.28.06