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Conservative justices carry free-speech banner in Randall
By Douglas Lee In campaign-finance case, Clarence Thomas again makes powerful First Amendment argument but fails to topple Buckley.   07.11.06

Slipping and sliding over online jurisdiction
By Douglas Lee Decision allowing Arizona Web site operator to be sued in Illinois federal court leaves many questions unanswered.   04.26.06

Move toward anonymous juries gets boost from Fla. appeals court
By Douglas Lee Decision stemming from news-media requests in Carlie Brucia murder trial is flawed.   02.15.06

Lack of scientific evidence short-circuits video-game bans
By Douglas Lee Decision striking down Illinois law leaves no doubt about critical weakness in strategy to restrict minors' access to violent games.   12.13.05

2 international libel cases could benefit U.S. publishers
By Douglas Lee In one case, Canadian court tosses suit against Washington Post; in other, author asks U.S. court to declare British libel judgment unenforceable in states.   10.18.05