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Vikram Amar
Can a Public Law School Constitutionally Require a Christian Student... (Vikram Amar and Alan Brownstein, for FindLaw's Writ) -- In this column, we discuss an interesting case on which the Supreme Court heard oral argument this week. It concerns...Read More »

Marci Hamilton
More on the Supreme Court's CLS v. Martinez Case, Which Asks Whether... (Marci Hamilton, for FindLaw's Writ) -- In an earlier column for this site on the case of CLS v. Martinez, which is now before the Supreme Court, I argued that a public law...Read More »

Do Some Americans Pay No Taxes? The Contrived Claims That Everyone... (Neil Buchanan, for FindLaw's Writ) -- Last week, as part of the ever-growing annual circus surrounding the April 15 tax deadline, conservative commentators focused on a...Read More »

Michael Dorf
Becoming Justice Stevens: How and Why Some Justices Evolve (Michael Dorf, for FindLaw's Writ) -- In 1970, House of Representatives Minority Leader Gerald Ford initiated impeachment proceedings against Supreme Court Justice William...Read More »

Freedom of All Student Groups at Stake in CLS case at Supreme Court (Gregory Baylor, for FindLaw's Writ) -- Marci Hamilton's column regarding Christian Legal Society v. Martinez states that this case will cause the Supreme Court to "wade...Read More »
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