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Dan and Chandra
By Ken Paulson News media's saturation coverage of gossip and innuendo can take toll on public support for a free press.   07.29.01

1970 revisited: The FCC vs. rock 'n' roll
By Ken Paulson Shades of Vice President Agnew singling out lyrics as regulators fine Colorado station for playing Eminem’s ‘Slim Shady.’   07.15.01

Good news, bad news in latest First Amendment survey
American public continues to believe news has valuable watchdog role, keeping an eye on government — but also says government needs to keep media in check.   06.28.01

Stolen conversations and freedom of the press
By Ken Paulson This week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the right of a free press to publish information outweighs concerns about invasive new technology and the right to privacy.   05.27.01

What — me worry? Judge's suppression of Gone With the Wind parody raises concerns
By Ken Paulson Same First Amendment protection for MAD magazine’s ‘Groan With the Wind’ should apply to The Wind Done Gone.   05.20.01

Sex, guns and Johnny Cash
By Ken Paulson Johnny Cash 'shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.'   05.06.01

Ad controversy points up free-speech disparities on campus
By Ken Paulson Those who would seek to punish student media for publishing a controversial ad have lost sight of the role of the First Amendment in transforming race relations in this country.   04.22.01

Earnhardt autopsy photos are public record
By Ken Paulson Why the rush to change Florida law? Public’s demand to stop press from doing its job should worry us all.   04.08.01

Lessons in Freedom: The First Amendment in America's high schools
By Ken Paulson A pop quiz: How many First Amendment freedoms can you name?   03.30.01

41 Shots: Bruce Springsteen and freedom of expression
By Ken Paulson Ken Paulson writes that cops have right to refuse off-duty security work over a song they don't like, but that doesn't make it a good idea.   07.12.00

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