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Fox vs. Franken: A 'fair and balanced' decision
By Ken Paulson Most disappointing in this case was the eagerness of a news organization to undercut the First Amendment rights of someone with whom it disagreed.   08.31.03

As U.S. tour ends, Dixie Chicks see free-speech risks, rewards
By Ken Paulson Fame doesn’t disqualify celebrities from having a public opinion, but it does raise the stakes.   08.17.03

Time, healing bring renewed perspective on the First Amendment
By Ken Paulson 2003 State of the First Amendment survey finds Americans' support for free speech returning after period of fear amid war against terror.   07.31.03

From O.J. to Kobe: Open records offer facts amid frenzy
By Ken Paulson Sealing records in Bryant rape case means credible information gets locked away while rumors swarm across the country.   07.27.03

No easy answers in war on spam
By Ken Paulson Any communication enjoys some degree of First Amendment protection; so restrictions on spam must combat actual harm, not just annoyance.   07.13.03

Filters and freedom: Why the Supreme Court upheld library limits
By Ken Paulson Justices said patrons could simply ask to have Net filters turned off if legitimate material is blocked, but that's not what the law actually says.   06.29.03

Patriotism and politics: the rush to rewrite the Constitution
By Ken Paulson Proposal to ban flag-burning wouldn't just be a resolution or even a law that could be struck down — this proposal would be a permanent constitutional amendment curtailing our basic freedom to protest.   06.15.03

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