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The spirit of 1791
By Ken Paulson Happy birthday to the Bill of Rights — including the First Amendment — no less potent today than it was 210 years ago, a living, evolving document that continues to shape our nation.   12.16.01

Dueling polls: How popular is the press?
By Ken Paulson If your local news isn't making the grade, speak up: Sometimes it takes a little free speech to help improve a free press.   12.02.01

Zoning free expression: Public safety and the power of protest
Seattle's inability to control hundreds of unruly demonstrators cut off the assembly rights of thousands.   11.18.01

When comedy offends: revisiting the Smothers Brothers
By Ken Paulson Whether during a war in 1969 or now, Americans show limited appetite for real political satire, commentary.   11.04.01

Pong revisited: Free speech and video games
By Ken Paulson Hitting a ball with a paddle didn’t involve plot, character, ideas — as today's games do.   10.21.01

Politically correct speech
By Ken Paulson This is clearly the wrong time to say the wrong thing.   10.07.01

A patriotic press is a vigilant one
By Ken Paulson Reporters can ask tough questions while wearing flag lapel pins; professionalism and patriotism can and must coexist.   09.23.01

Anti-'Sopranos' sentiment no reason to silence folk-singing actor
By Ken Paulson Dominic Chianese’s scheduled singing appearance canceled in Colorado because promoter doesn’t want ‘to offend anyone.’   09.09.01

The GR8 debate over vanity license plates
By Ken Paulson Express yourself in seven letters or less.   08.26.01

The best reform: Turn off the TV and vote
By Ken Paulson New commission wants networks to stop projecting winners, and proposes gagging elections officials so they can’t report results. Why not just vote instead of using TV coverage as an excuse not to?   08.12.01