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2010-01-31 - 19:20

Jordanian Politician Warns about Israel's Conspiracy against Islam

TEHRAN (FNA)- Former Secretary-General of Jordan's Islamic Action Front (IAF) Hamza Mansour cautioned Muslim states about Israel's plots and conspiracies against the entire World of Islam.

"The conspiracies of the Zionist regime (of Israel) are not solely against Palestine, but it is hatching plots against the entire Muslim World," Mansour told FNA.

Reminding Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people, the politician stated, "The regime targeted Palestine at first but later it expanded the range of its conspiracies and started aggressive moves against Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan and now it is targeting the whole Muslim World."

He further called for unity and concordance among Muslims in all areas, and urged the Arab and Islamic states to adopt the necessary measures to secure freedom of 11,000 prisoners from Israeli jails.

Mansour also criticized the Jordanian government's concessions to Tel Aviv, and said, "Making concessions to the greatest enemy of Islam and Muslims is much regrettable."

"Jordan should annul the (peace) treaty at the earliest in an effort to stop angering its people," he said, alluding to the Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace signed in 1994.