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18:33 | 2010-05-24


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Commander Highlights Army's Actual Missions during Recent Naval Drills

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian military commander announced on Monday that the country's Army came to fulfill real missions during the 8-day-long naval wargames in the country's southern waters in the Persian Gulf and northern Indian Ocean.

The Iranian Army wrapped up the six-staged wargames, codenamed Vellayat 89, in the country's southern waters in the Strait of Hormuz, the Persian Gulf and northern Indian Ocean early in May.

"Vellayat 89 wargames were the Islamic Republic's first military exercise in international waters and high seas," Commander of the Iranian Army Major General Ataollah Salehi said on Monday.

"During the wargames, real events happened such as controlling the sea, inspection of a British ship, saving a Liberian ship, deterring sea piracy, sending warning signals to US military reconnaissance plane and forcing the US Navy warships to keep a distance from the region of the drill," Salehi added.

He noted that the wargames demonstrated the Islamic Republic's power on regional and international scenes.

The Iranian Army test-fired different types of newly-developed missiles and torpedoes and tested a large number of its home-made weapons, tools and equipments, including submarines, military ships, artillery, choppers, aircraft, UAVs and air defense and electronic systems in the massive military drills.

Iran's air-defense units shooed away a US military reconnaissance plane seeking to approach the Iranian Army's war-game zone in the Strait of Hormuz and northern Indian Ocean during the drills.

The Iranian Army's massive naval wargames also pushed US warships back from their deployment areas.

Army commanders announced at the time that the US Navy ships was forced to keep a 300km distance from the region of the Iranian drills.

The Iranian Navy's heavy submarines successfully test-fired home-made torpedoes at subsurface targets on the sixth day of the naval wargames.

The Navy also used Iran's first home-made destroyer, Jamaran which was armed with a domestically developed torpedo, as well as other newly-developed military tools and equipments in the wargames in a bid to test its latest achievements.