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2010-03-13 - 16:21

Iraqi Politician: 'National Alliance' Preparing Plan for Future Gov't

TEHRAN (FNA)- A Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC) advisor reiterated on Saturday that the Iraqi National Alliance has prepared a complete plan to form the future government of the country, and said that the group shares close ideas with its competitor the State of Law coalition.

"The Iraqi National Alliance and the State of Law coalitions are very close to each other mentally and in their plans and working systems," the Political Adviser of the SIIC head, Mohsen al-Hakim, told FNA on Saturday.

Based on partial results of Iraq's parliamentary elections released on Friday night, Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki's list, the State of Law, is slightly ahead.

No party is expected to win a majority of the 352 seats in the parliament, so Maliki will continue as head of a caretaker government as the party that wins most seats would start forming a new coalition government.

Hakim assured that the Iraqi National Alliance will act upon its plan to make coalitions with other political streams, and expressed the hope that the future prime minister would put the plan into practice as it would lead to the progress and development of the country.

"Actually, the Iraqi National Alliance is ready to cooperate with anyone who feels practically bound by the implementation of the coalition's plan," Hakim added.

Noting that the Iraqi National Alliance is consulting will all participant groups in the elections and has not yet begun official negotiations with the State of Law Coalition, he reiterated that serious negotiations would start after the final results are announced.