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  1. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2010 July/August 2010
    Read this month’s issue of AU’s Church & State magazine
  2. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2010 Stealth Evangelism And The Public Schools Kansas Pastor David Jenkins Stood Up To Improper Fundamentalist Proselytizing In Schools – And You Should Too
  3. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2010 Pushing Pulpit Politics South Dakota Church Electioneering Scheme Falters, But Religious Right Has Big Plans For The Future
  4. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2010 ‘Stealth Evangelism’ Groups To Watch Out For
  5. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2010 Questions For Kagan Americans United Urges Senate Panel To Ask Supreme Court Nominee About Church and State
  6. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2010 Victory In The Connecticut Commencement Case! Federal Court Rules Against Public School Graduation In Evangelical Mega-Church
  7. {thumbnail} Press Release July 26, 2010 California Teacher Has No Right To Push Religion in the Classroom
  8. {thumbnail} Press Release July 21, 2010 IRS Should Investigate Okla. Religious Group That Promoted Candidate
  9. {thumbnail} Press Release July 13, 2010 Calif. Community College Should Not Impose Religion at Public Events
  10. {thumbnail} Press Release July 12, 2010 AU Lauds Court Decision Upholding Native American Student's Religious Liberty Rights
  11. {thumbnail} Press Release June 29, 2010 Sectarian Prayer At Delaware School Board Meetings Violates Church-State Separation
  12. {thumbnail} Lynn v. Sekulow July 14, 2010 Kagan And Religious Liberty: Too Bad We Didn't Learn More
  13. {thumbnail} Lynn v. Sekulow July 8, 2010 Jay, You've Missed the Mark
  14. {thumbnail} Lynn v. Sekulow June 28, 2010 A Big Win at the Supreme Court
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