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19:15 | 2010-10-10


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German Envoy Blasts West's Media Propaganda against Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- German Ambassador to Tehran Brand Erbel underlined Iran's rich civilization and its key role in the region, and denounced the negative propaganda campaign launched by certain media to portray an unreal picture of Iran.

"Effort should be made to make constant moves towards correcting inappropriate and false interpretations," Erbel said in a meeting with Chairman of the Iranian parliament's Cultural Commission Haddad Adel here in Tehran today.

"The current political problems should be resolved through dialogue and interaction," he underlined.

"Iran is a unique country in the Middle-East in terms of culture and history," the envoy stressed, underscoring Iran's significant role in Islamic culture.

The German envoy's statement is a clear acknowledgement of the broad false media reports about Iran and its current economic, social, political and cultural status.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the West strove hard to undermine the Islamic Republic of Iran's progress in different economic, nuclear, scientific, military, social and cultural fields but all its efforts have remained futile due to strong public support for the Islamic establishment.

Regarding the bilateral ties, the envoy recalled age-old interactions between the two nations in different fields, and stressed the necessity for maintaining the close bilateral ties between the two states.

Haddad Adel, for his part, expressed the hope that despite the attempts made by a number of third parties to leave a negative impact on Iran-Germany ties, the two countries would expand and develop their bilateral relations through joint efforts in line with the two nations' interests.