Steering Committee Members


Executive Committee:
Harry Elam, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Judy Goldstein, Professor in Political Science, Director of ICA Studies
Stephanie Kalfayan, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Brad Osgood, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the School of Engineering, Professor in Electrical Engineering

Steering Committee:
Alan Acosta (07-08)
Anthony Antonio
Jan Barker-Alexander
Jenny Bergeron (08-present)
Elizabeth Bernhardt
Thomas Black
Greg Boardman
Carol Boggs
John Bravman (07-10)
Marvin Diogenes (09-present)
Harry Elam
Ellie Fischbacher Maldonado
Gabriel Garcia
Rana Glasgal
Chris Golde
Patricia Gumport
Edward Haertel
Andrew Harker
Nick Jenkins (10-present)
Lisa Lapin (10-present)
Julie Kennedy
Andrea Lunsford
Michele Marincovich
Paddy McGowan
Shari Palmer (09-present)
Carol Porter (07-09)
Ramón Saldîvar
Thomas Schnaubelt (09-present)
Sheri Sheppard
Susan Stephens
John Taylor
Ayodele Thomas (09-present)
Brian Thomas (09-present)
Susan Weersing (10-present)
Mark Zoback

Staff to the Committee:
Emily Daniel (08-09)
Nancy DellaMattera (08-10)
Stephanie Luciani (07-08)
Marcy Mamiya
Marisa McCarthy (09-present)
Tegan McComb Bradford (10-present) 

You can also access a list of the subcommittee members that will oversee the work of the CPR and EER phases for self-study.

For further information regarding Stanford's reaffirmation ofaccreditation, please contact the Stanford Accreditation SteeringCommittee at