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This section is divided in to categories as follows:

a. Sudanic Fusion

The beats compost those of Sudanese origin that borrows heavily from Arabian (Eastern) rhythms.

b. Traditional vocalists

The composition is always without accompanying instruments. It is basically a vocal performance either performed individually or with back up singers. If there is any, then it is either the drum or sticks beatings that provide the beats.

d. Western Fusion

This includes Hip-hop (R and B), Reggae and Raga that mostly originates from the African- American in the USA, Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Artiste's name Artists Photo Category and Debut album, CDs, Cassettes releases Base and Profile

Emmanuel Jal


Emmanuel Jal is a hip-hop artist/Rap musician. His major label debut, WARchild, is a bit frenetic, drawing more inspiration from the syncopated rhythms of African pop than the beat-heavy ethic of American hip-hop. He is a former child soldier in the war-torn South Sudan.He uses his music to rebuke violence.

Mijok Lang aka Hot Dogg

Mijok Lang aka Hot Dogg came to Canada in 2004. He was resettled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hot Dogg is a survivor of the two decades long civil war in Sudan. He was one of the Lost Boy of Sudan, a term coined by the UNHCR for the thousands of young boys that made the long trek through the unforgiving landscape of sub-Saharan Africa from southern Sudan, Ethiopia to Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. After graduating from high school Mijok pursued a career in music. For Mijok, rap is the medium through which he is able to convey his story and his

Kush Brothers Band - Major Laks and others African rythms  

KUSH BROTHERS BAND(KBB) is a group of young coming-up Sudanese musicians formed by six members in the year 2006 in Kampala Uganda.
we basically do the new Sudanese music style called LOKUBEN MUSIC.
This style is mostly characterised by the African rythms which actually gives the cultural feelings to whoever is listening to the songs.

Emmanuel Marko Kembe    


Kennedy O. Lorya(Dynamq)    


Name Art Work (clickimage for full view) Specialization Medium Contact Address
Dau Yong Deng
Fine arts
Acrylic, oil, water
Tel: 0721 64 38 56
Mareng Chuor Deng
Fine art, portrait drawing and cartoon.
Water, acrylic colours and soft pencils
Leek Thon
Sketch (pencil work) Soft pencils
Tel: 0721221665
Pancol Jook   Fine art and sketch Acrylic, power, oil and water colour
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