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                INEC/IFES Post-Election Retreat

                                   (Fact Sheet)

 1.          Dates:    August 15 – 19, 2007

                        -           Arrival (Wednesday, August 15, 2007)

                        -           Retreat Days (Thursday – Saturday, August 16 – 18, 2007)

                        -           Departure (Sunday, August 19, 2007)

 2.          Venue:    Obudu Ranch Hotel and Resort, Obanliku Local Government Area,                               Cross River State

 3.          Participants:        (i)          Hon. Chairman, INEC

                                           (ii)         National Electoral Commissioners

                                           (iii)                 Secretary of the Commission

                                           (iv)                 Resident Electoral Commissioners

                                           (v)                   Directors

                                           (vi)                 Other Selected Directing Staff

                                           (vii)                IFES Officials

 4.       Mode of Transport:   Participants, especially Principal Officers and Directors may

                                              choose to travel by Air or by Road, depending on individual

                                              preferences. Other Directin Staff/Participants may however                                                  travel by Road.

            Movement by Air:

                    (a)                   Abuja – Calabar (1 hour)

                                 Arik Airlines (10.00am and   3.00pm Daily)

                   (b)         Lagos – Calabar   (1hour)

                   (c)         Calabar – Obudu – Bebi Airstrip (40 minutes)

                                Aero Contractors: (12.45pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays)

                  (d)                 Calabar – Abuja (1hour)

                                Arik Airlines (3.30pm on Sundays)

            Movement by Road:

                (a)                   From Northern Zone (Abuja Axis)

                            Abuja – Makurdi → Katsina Ala Junction→ Vandeikya Junction→                             Abuochiche (Bekwara LGA of Cross River State) → Obudu→ Ranch                             Resort.

               (b)                   From South East/West Zones (Enugu Axis)

                              Enugu→ Oturkpo→ Gboko→ Vandeikya Junction→ Abuochiche

                             (Bekwara LGA of Cross River State) → Obudu→ Ranch Resort.

              (c)                    From South-South Zone (Calabar Axis)

                             Itu Junction→ Calabar/Itu Road Junction→ Ugep→ Ikom→ Ogoja→                             Abuochiche (Bekwara LGA of Cross River State) → Obudu→ Resort

    Distances from the Axial Towns (Abuja, Enugu and Calabar) is  approximately 6 hours drive to the Ranch.

                      4.     Sponsorship:       The Retreat is jointly sponsored by INEC and IFES

                      5.      Accommodation/Feeding:

                                    Accommodation is reserved for all Official Participants, minus   the Aides of Principal Officers who are paid DTA in lieu of Hotel    accommodation/Feeding.

  Participants will have Group Lunch during the 3 days of Retreat (i.e. Thursday, Friday and Saturday), while breakfast and dinners are monetized.

 6.          Principal Officers traveling by air may wish to send their cars/drivers in advance to ease their movement up the Ranch.

 7.          About Obudu Ranch Resort:

                                    (a) Geographical Location:

                                          The Obudu Ranch Resort is located close to the Cameroon Border in the North Eastern part of Cross River State of Nigeria, approximately 110km east of the town of Ogoja and 65km from the town of Obudu. It falls within Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State.

  It is situated on a flat Plateau on the Oshie Ridge of the Sankwala Mountain.

  The Obudu Ranch Resort is approximately 134km, on an elevation of 5,200 feet (1,576m) above sea level.

                                (b)  Climate:

          The Obudu Ranch Resort has a cool temperate climate  (due  to the undulating landscape of rolling grasslands, spotted here and there with mountain forests, like the type in Europe.  Temperature range  at the Ranch Resort is between 26°c (June – September).  Participants  who are allergic to cold are therefore advised to come along with their Winter Jackets or other warm clothing materials to be on the safe side.                                     

                              (c)  Tourist Attractions:

                                   The Resort is noted for its idyllic tranquility, beautiful scenery and breathtaking views with the following tourist attractions, among others:

                              (i)                    First Cable Car in Africa

                              (ii)                  Ultra-modern Water Parks/Natural Grotto at the foot of  the Ranch with Jacuzzi, etc.

                              (iii)                 A Canopy Walk way that takes the tourist deep into the  Forest suspended on air.

                              (iv)                 Swimming Pools

                              (v)                   Water falls, Tree House, Praying Mountain, etc.

                              (vi)                 Camping Sites

                             (vii)                9 Hole Golf Course

                             (viii)              Well-equipped Gymnasium

                             (ix)                 Nature Reserve

                              (x)                   Tennis/Squash Court, etc.  


By Rose Oriaran
Dated 10/08/2007
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