Safer herbal medicines Safer herbal medicines

From May 1, only traditional herbal medicines that are registered and authorised may be placed on the EU market. Producers have had seven years to show the efficiency and safety of these medicines.

Restrictions lifted on workers from eight countries

Workers from countries that joined the EU in 2004 will be free to work in any member state from 1 May. Most had voluntarily opened their job markets after the accessions.

EU law on return of illegal immigrants precludes national rules

Imposing prison terms on illegal migrants who refuse to leave the country jeopardises the EU’s aim for a fair and effective policy for removal and repatriation, says the Court of Justice.

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Developments in LibyaDevelopments in Libya
An overview of the EU's response

Help for JapanHelp for Japan
EU responds quickly to Japan's call for help as the country struggles with the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March, including the crisis at some of its nuclear plants.

Hungarian presidency (Presidency of the Council of the EU)Hungarian presidency (Presidency of the Council of the EU)
From 1 January to 30 June, the work of driving the EU agenda lies with Hungary.

Climate action - energy for a changing worldClimate action - energy for a changing world
The EU has set three targets it hopes can guide Europe towards a sustainable future.

Lisbon treatyLisbon treaty
Signed by EU leaders in 2007, the treaty came into force on 1 December 2009.

European Year of Volunteering (2011)European Year of Volunteering (2011)
"Volunteer, make a difference!": celebrating the commitment of volunteers and encouraging more people to get active

Europe 2020 – a new economic strategyEurope 2020 – a new economic strategy
The plan shows how the EU can set itself on a path to long-term prosperity by focusing on three interlinked priorities: smart growth, inclusive growth and sustainable growth

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