Hon. Lt. Gen. James Wani Igga


The Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) is made up of nominated MPs from various parties. They represent the voice of the people from all counties in the 10 Southern States. The SSLA is led by the Speaker assisted by the Deputy Speaker. The Speaker and his deputy are closely assisted by the various chairpersons of the Standing Specialised Committees:


  1. Security & Public Order Committee
  2. Public Accounts Committee
  3. Members Affairs Committee


Mr. Mark Nyikang Yomon
Clerk, SSLA


The Clerk of the Assembly is the General Administrator providing day-to-day leadership in his capacity as the de facto Chief Executive Officer as far as civil service provision is concerned. The Clerk is supported in the daily running of the Assembly by the following departmental heads:


Department for Legal and Legislative Affairs

The department provides legislative and legal services to SSLA's Committees as well as advising the Speaker on legal issues.


Deputy Clerk for Administration and Finance

He heads and oversees the activities of the Administration and Finance under the Departments of Administration and Finance, Sergeant-at-Arms, Information and Communication Technology and Human Resource.


Deputy Clerk for Parliamentary Affairs

Heads and oversees the activities of the department of Hansard, Library and Research and the Secretariat Department.


Department of Sergeant-at-Arms

The department provides a safe, secure and clean work environment for the members of parliament, staff and others who visit the South Sudan Legislative Assembly



Tel: +249 91541371 / +249 121 534859 / +256 477 124644


Web Site: http://www.sslagoss.org

This article was updated on Oct 21, 2009