Southern Sudan High Courts

The High Court is the highest court at the state level in Southern Sudan. Its most senior judge is its president and is answerable to the Governor of the state for the performance and administration of the State Judiciary.


  1. Judicial power in the states are vested in the state judiciary with the constitution of each state providing for the establishment of a state judiciary consisting of the hierarchy of courts: High Courts, County Courts and Any Other Courts and Tribunals.
  2. State courts have civil and criminal jurisdiction in respect of the state, Southern Sudan and national laws, save that of a right to appeal as provided by the Interim Constitution. However, the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly shall determine the civil and criminal procedures in respect of litigation or prosecution under Southern Sudan laws in accordance with the Interim Constitution.
  3. Each state shall determine the jurisdiction of its customary law courts.
  4. There shall be substantial representation of women in the state judiciary having regard to competence, integrity, credibility and impartiality.
  5. Structure and powers of courts of the states of Southern Sudan shall be subject to the provisions of the Interim constitution and constitution of the state concerned.
  6. The constitution and legislation of each state shall provide for: a)The appointment, removal and other terms and conditions of service of judges and lay magistrates; b)Guarantees for the independence and impartiality of the state judiciary, immunity of judges and magistrates, and measures to ensure that they are not subject to political or other interference.


The Judges of the High Courts are posted as follows:


Upper Nile State based in Malakal

Judge George Angier Ring - President

Judge Sumaya Saleh Abdalla - Member


Jonglei State based in Bor

Judge Madut Santino Deng - President

JudgeAdlan Osman Morgan - Member


Unity State based in Bentiu

Judge Atem Biai Makuer - President

Judge William Kaya Pacifico - Member


Central Equatoria State based in Juba

Judge Malek Mathiang Malek - President

Judge Duria Dirar El Sheikh - Member


Eastern Equatoria State based in Torit

Judge Geri Riamondo Legge - President

Judge Longar Mayen Deng - Member


Western Equatoria State

Judge Bol Bul Wang - President

Judge Abraham Majur Lat - Member


Lakes State based in Rumbek

Judge Alaka Makelele Nyajok - President

Judge Kulang Jerbuom Macuor - Member


Warrap State based in Kuajok

Judge Jairo Ajang Kornelio - President

Judge Isaac Pur Majak - Member


Western Bahr el Ghazal State based in Wau

Judge Charles Uyo Nyawilo - President

Judge Makur Machok Manyuon - Member


Northern Bahr el Ghazal State based in Aweil  

Judge Charles Abyei Jook - President

Judge Kiom Othwon Dak - Member




Source: Gurtong Peace Trust

This article was updated on Oct 21, 2009