State Symbols

Southern Sudan Flag:

Black represents the black African people of Southern Sudan. White represents Sudan peace for which many lives have been lost. Red represents the blood of the gallant freedom and justice fighters who have been lost in the many years of conflict. Green represents agricultural potential exemplified by the fertile soil and rich equatorial vegetation adorning the Southern Sudan countryside. Blue represents the River Nile, which is the main source of life not only in the Southern Sudan but also in the North and all the way to Egypt. The Star - represents unity of the states of Southern Sudan. The flag, therefore, signifies one nation of black Africans united in the struggle to perpetuate peace and prosperity for all the people of Southern Sudan.


Coat of Arms:


The bird, secretary bird, is a common bird of prey which endemic to African savannah grasslands. It is renowned for its strength and stamina. For instance, it hunts its prey - including snakes, small mammals, lizards and even young gazelles - on foot. It is also held in high esteem culturally in many countries in Africa. It is featured in the middle white strip of the Presidential Flag; it is the main object on the Presidential Seal, and features heavily in Sudanese military insignia. On the Presidential Flag and Seal it has its head turned to the right, with its distinctive crest clearly visible and its wings spread out with a white banner between its outstretched wings reading "Victory is Ours". Below its wings is also a banner displaying the title of the state, جمهورية السودان Jumhuriyat as-Sudan ("The Republic of Sudan"). The bird also holds a traditional shield. It surrounded by double circles bearing the full title "GOVERNMENT OF SOUTHERN SUDAN" and its acronym "GOSS". This insignia represents the diligence, bravery and patriotism on which the autonomous Government of Southern Sudan is founded. It also embodies the readiness with which the GOSS and the people of Southern Sudan are willing to protect their land and people.



National Anthem:



We are the army of God and of our land,
We shall never fail when called to sacrifice.
Whether braving death, hardship or pain,
We give our lives as the price of glory.
May this Our land, Sudan, live long,
Showing all nations the way.
Sons of the Sudan, summoned now to serve,
Shoulder the task of preserving our country.


Nahnu Djundullah Djundulwatan.
In Da A Da Il Fida Lam Nakhun.
Natahaddal Maut Endalmihan.
Nashta Ril Madjd Bi Aghlathaman.
Hathihil Ard Lana! Falyaish Sudanuna,
Alaman Bayn Al Umam.
Ya Benissudan, Hatharamzukum;
Yah Miluleb, Wa Yahmi Ardakum.


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