About Southern Sudan Investment Authority

On 24 May, 2008, the President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) signed the Investment Provisional Order, 2008 into law. The Order established the Southern Sudan Investment Authority (SSIA) as the government's agency responsible for the licensing, promotion and facilitation of all investment activities in Southern Sudan.


Specifically, the SSIA undertakes the following functions:


  1. To actively promote investments into Southern Sudan through the initiation and support of measures to improve the investment climate;
  2. To collect, analyse and disseminate information on existing investment opportunities;
  3. To brand and project the image of Southern Sudan as an attractive destination for investors; and
  4. To advise the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) on investment policy. 


As the agency charge with the promotion of investments in Southern Sudan, the SSIA offers the following services to potential investors:


  1. Issuance of Investment Certificates - All national and international investors are required to apply to the SSIA for Investment Certificates. The SSIA processes and issues the certificates to the investors.
  2. Facilitation for issuance of licenses - The SSIA facilitates the issuance of the necessary licenses to which holders of the Investment Certificates are entitled.
  3. Entitlement to Entry Permits for Expatriates - Investors to whom Investment Certificates have been issues are entitled to entry permits or work permits for expatriates. The SSIA facilitates the issuance of such permits to the investors.


For more information on investing in Southern Sudan, please, contact:


Emmanuel Bol Kuanyin

Secretary General

Southern Sudan Investment Authority

P.O. Box 233



Tel: +256 477 130 560 / +249 122 250 705


Email: bolditk1@yahoo.com

This article was updated on Feb 17, 2010