The tourism potential of Southern Sudan is immense, to say the least. However, due to historical challenges, it is not fully developed. However, there are many ongoing initiatives by the Southern Sudan government as well as other development and business partners.


A group of kob antelopes in Southern Sudan


Though emerging from several decades of war, Southern Sudan's grasslands and swamps are a natural home to thousands of elephants, zebras, hartebeests, lions, buffalo, bongo, monkeys, chimpanzees, several species of antelopes and gazelles, various species of wild hogs, giraffes and other mammals. Some conservationists opine that the number of animals in Southern Sudan's wild rival the Serengeti and other renowned game parks in neighbouring Kenya and Tanzania.


A group of ostriches in Southern Sudan


Wildlife conservationists and researchers estimate that there are over 1 million white-eared kob antelopes; 300,000 mongella gazelles; 200,000 tiang; and several oryxes. The major sanctuaries are Boma National Park, Bandingilo National Park, and the Zeraf Wildlife Reserve, among others.


The GoSS has stimulated growth of the hotel and hospitality industry to support the gradually maturing tourism sector in the country. There are several hotels now operating in the region in very close proximity with the tourist attraction sites. GoSS is also committed to conserving flora and fauna through appropriate policies and initiatives.

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