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A CD cover of one of Emmanuel Kembe's music albums


Modern music in Southern Sudan includes hip-hop, Sudanese fusion based on Arabic rythms, reggae and other Western cadres of music. Popular musicians include Emmanuel Jal, Mijok Lang, Major Laks, Emmanuel Marko Kembe, and Kennedy Lorya, among others.


A portrait by Mareng Chuor Deng
Source: Gurtong Peace Project


There are also a number of Southern Sudanese gifted as fine artists, drawers, portrait makers, cartoonists, and sketchers, among others. Using acrylic colours, oil, water and soft pencils, these artists produce creative pieces of art that are recognized globally. Some of the artists include Dau Yong Deng, Mareng Chuor Deng, Leek Thon, Pancol Jook and Joseph Garang Deng, among others.



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This article was updated on Sep 7, 2009