At a Glance

Location and Size:


640,000 square km




Equatorial climate with high humidity and lots of rainfall; rainy season varies from region to region but is generally between April and November.


Major Crops:


Cassava, Groundnuts, Sweet potato, Sorghum, Sesame, Maize, Rice, Finger Millet, Cowpea, Beans




Southern Sudan is mainly plain interupted so often by hilly areas with thick equatorial vegetation. High areas generally reach altitudes of 2,000m above sea level.




Sudanese Pound (SDG)




Official language is Arabic but English is the language of education and government business and is also widely spoken. There are also a number of indigeneous Southern Sudanese languages.






Public Holidays:


January 1st - Independence day

January 9th - Peace Agreement Day

May 16th - SPLA Day

July 30th - Martyrs Day

December 25th - Christmas Day

December 26th - Boxing Day




GMT +3


This article was updated on Aug 14, 2009