First PSO Regional Seminar Held in Sudanese Capital Instead of Copenhagen

Khartoum, 15 June 2011 – The Regional Procurement Support Office Seminar was opened by UNDP Country Director Mr. Claudio Caldarone on Sunday 12 June at Rotana Salam Hotel, in Khartoum. The four-day seminar brought participants from 14 UNDP country offices along with the Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health procurement and supply focal points. The seminar was facilitated by a number of experts from UNDP Procurement Support Office (PSO) in Geneva, UNDP Legal Support Office (LSO), UNDP Sudan Programme Management Unit and external partners such as WHO-AMDS, Global Fund and UNICEF.

The UNDP Special Advisory Team in PSO Copenhagen selected UNDP Sudan as the first African country office to host the annual PSO Seminar usually held in Denmark. The motive behind the decision to shift the annual meeting to the country office level was to bring in practical field experience, thereby adding more context to what was previously a mainly theoretical seminar. “We hope to all learn from each other,” said Mr. Rino Meyers UNDP PSO, Senior PSM Advisor.
“Public Participation Key to New Constitution Making”

Khartoum, 24 May 2011 With the opening of the Constitution Making Forum, the Government of Sudan initiated a broad-based consultative process for drafting a permanent constitution, here today. The Forum, an initiative of the Advisory Council for Human Rights (ACHR) and is supported by the United Nations, notably the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Mixing (small) Business and Pleasure: a UNV story in Sudan

1 May 2011 - On a dusty side road in Damazine in Blue Nile State, near a sparkling but empty Chinese hospital, Amir Muhamad Babiker tends his shop. It’s not big, but it’s his and this Tuesday morning it seems the whole town is looking for sugar.

A girl not more than five or six steps forward and shyly hands Babiker a crumpled one Sudanese pound note. He measures out the appropriate amount of sugar and dutifully hands it back before she quickly scurries off.
Mission Statement

Established in Sudan in 1965, UNDP is the lead development agency in the country. We are empowering people across Sudan to achieve sustainable peace and development. All our development efforts support the implementation of the peace agreements across the country. Whether in Khartoum, Juba, El-Fasher or Kassala, our strategic interventions aim to develop the capacity of institutions, civil society, and communities to help them consolidate peace, prevent more conflicts, and build a better life.

In partnership with national and international development partners, we are promoting an environment that fosters democratic governance, enhances human security, reduces poverty and diseases, empowers women, ensures environmental sustainability, and contributes to achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

UNDP is the UN's global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We are on the ground in 166 countries, working with them on their own solutions to global and national development challenges. As they develop local capacity, they draw on the people of UNDP and our wide range of partners.

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