Ministry of Federal Governance Sudan and United Nations Development Programme Sign the Joint Communiqué, Launch of Local Governance Development and Public Expenditure Management (LGDPEM) for the East

Khartoum, Sudan - 19 August 2009, Ministry of Federal Governance Sudan and United Nations Development Programme held a one day Workshop on “Harmonization and Coordination of State Federal Relations”

The State Minister of Ministry of International Cooperation, Mr. Elias Nyamlell Wakoson, Secretary General Ministry of Federal Governance, Mr. Salah El Deen Babiker and UNDP Country Director, Mr. Jorgen Lissner, signed the Joint Communiqué which was adopted by participants of the Workshop on Enhancing Coordination and Harmonization of State-Federal Relations in Sudan. The Communiqué emphasizes a plan of action to strengthen institutional and process coordination within the framework of decentralization in Sudan. It encourages State Governments, donors and the development community to provide technical and financial support to the future work of the Government on decentralization. In the framework of strengthening decentralization in Sudan, the Local Governance Development and Public Expenditure Management (LGDPEM) programme for the East region was launched at the end of Workshop.

General Secretary Ministry of Governance in his opening speech remarked: “This Workshop provides the opportunity to discuss on-going measures to strengthen the implementation of decentralization in Sudan and to improve coordination of policy making, institutional and process arrangement around financial management”. He also commented that LGDPEM and the Communiqué will help to establish efficient frameworks for Federal, State and localities on planning processes and budget management for the future. The LGDPEM programme will result in streaming functional responsibilities between different levels of government and a more equitable framework for intergovernmental fiscal relations to ensure that adequate funding follows functions.

“Since local governance development and especially public expenditure management is the fulcrum for decentralized governance, the new programme for East Sudan permits both a very broad coverage and a strong focus on harmonizing State-Federal relations. UNDP Sudan under the LGDPEM programme would address the existing gaps in determining whether national expenditure priorities are being attained, as is an operational efficiency of the strategic planning council and an infrastructure network linking all implementing agencies with the center” said Mr. Jorgen Lissner at the signing of the Communiqué and the launching of the LGDPEM programme for East.

The State Minister of Ministry of International Cooperation Professor Wakoson highlighted that growth and development place significant demands on Federal, State and local public service facilities. Local governance, public expenditure management and harmonized State-Federal relations in the context of sustainable development are a joint responsibility where all partners should respect and work towards the commitments made.

The Local Governance Development Public Expenditure and Management programme (LGDPEM) is premised on the opportunity provided by the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement to tackle the challenges faced by Kassala, Gedaref and Red Sea and to strengthen the process of political as well as social integration and development. The programme underscores the need for strong state capacities and recognizes the gaps in governance frameworks, institutional organization and public expenditure management to capitalize on the apparent opportunity. It amplifies measures needed to strengthen the overall governance and public expenditure management systems at the State level in order to optimize the State Governments’ capacity for resource planning and public service delivery. Primarily, the programme will strengthen:

1. Planning and expenditure management;
2. Legal and policy framework for intergovernmental fiscal relations;
3. Institutional capacity for decentralized governance at the state level and;
4. Facilitation of legal, policy and institutional reforms

The one day Workshop took place on the Wednesday, 19 August 2009 at Rotana Hotel, Khartoum, Sudan


For further information please contact:
Surayo Buzurukova, Regional Programme Manager, Governance and Rule of Law, Eastern Sudan,, +249 (0)912 501161

Charles Makunja, Governance Advisor, Governance and Rule of Law, Kassala Field Office, +249 (0) 913876613

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