Institutional Support to Strengthen Legal Education and Research in Southern Sudan

Fast Facts:
Project document and reports available upon request
Location: Juba
Duration: Dec 2010 – Dec 2011
Focus area: Democratic Governance
Partners: University of Juba
Contact person in UNDP: Thusitha Pilapitiya
The project will support the University of Juba College of Law (UJCL) to achieve its mission of laying a strong foundation for a united, peaceful and prosperous society. This is based on knowledge, justice, equality, respect for human rights and the rule of law, premised on access to legal education and knowledge. This is a pivotal concept for a secure, democratic Southern Sudan.

The Project is aimed at physical infrastructure development and building institutional capacity at the University of Juba in the following key areas:
• Building and renovating facilities for the use of the faculty and students of the College and Law
• Building and equipping a Law Library with books and other appropriate equipment and resources.
• Supporting the development of a revised legal curriculum by the Faculty of Law

Snapshots of the project's major achievements

• Initial technical drawings and details for construction work of the College of Law have been drafted and are under review.
• Capacity of UJ Resident Engineer has been enhanced by sourcing of external engineering support.
• List of books for procurement compiled and under review.
• Curriculum review committee established and a review process is ongoing. Curriculum review consultations and a workshop is planned to finalize the revised curriculum for the College of Law.

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