Building an Inclusive Financial Sector in Southern Sudan (BIFSSS)

Fast Facts:
Project document and reports available upon request
Location: All ten states of Southern Sudan
Duration: January 2010 – December 2013
Focus area: Achieving the MDGs and Reducing Human Poverty
Contributions(USD): UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF): 1,000,000

UNDP: 1,000,000
Partners: Government of Southern Sudan: Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Bank of Southern Sudan, South Sudan Microfinance Development Facility
Contact person in UNDP: Getahun Taffese Desta, Economist
Southern Sudan is entering a dynamic phase in the development of its microfinance sector. There are a range of financial service providers emerging; the regulatory regime is taking shape in a positive direction. The proposed best use of UNDP and UN Capital Development Fund sector (UNCDF) funding is to focus on gaps not currently covered by the Sudan Microfinance Development Facility or the USAID Generating Economic Development through Microfinance in Southern Sudan programme. This UN funding addresses opportunities and constraints as they emerge at the policy, meso [support infrastructure] or retail levels. It is to be noted that the current baseline number of clients of microfinance services in the South is limited to 11,180 clients. Through an ambitious strategy of combining support to a range of local institutions and market leaders, this programme will target to achieve: 240,000 active clients (savers and/or borrowers) by 2012, and reach more than 300,000 active clients (savers and/or borrowers) by 2013.

Snapshots of the project's major achievements
This project was approved by all partners in the latter stages of 2010. The majority of activities will take place 2011-2013.
• Capacity building training on microfinance was provided to 4 relevant officials of the Government of Southern Sudan from July-August 2010 at Boulder Microfinance Institute in Turin, Italy.

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