Local Government Recovery Programme in Southern Sudan

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Location: All the counties in the ten states of Southern Sudan
Duration: January 2009 – December 2012
Focus area: Achieving the MDGs and Reducing Human Poverty
Contributions(USD): DFID: 2,566,000
EU: 775,000
FRA: 763,000
NET: 1,045,000
SIDA: 625,000
UNDP: 600,000
Partners: Local Government Board;
State Ministries of Local Government and Law Enforcement
Delivery (USD): 2010: 1,873,808
2009: 2,117,000
2008: 2,883,000
2007: 5,135,000
Contact person in UNDP: Naoko Anzai, Project Manager,
Southern Sudan has experience in local administration and service delivery for several decades particularly in the 1970s and 1980s. The Local Government Recovery Programme (LGRP) was conceived by the Local Government Board of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) to restore local government systems. It is based on the Local Government Framework, developed by a group of core officials of the Civil Authority of New Sudan, which provided a basis for the Local Government Act 2009. LGRP is designed to assist the implementation of the Local Government Act by focusing on the following outputs:

• Policies and guidelines formulated and implemented (on core administrative functions and cross-cutting issues such as gender equity)
• Local governments institutionally strengthened to perform mandated functions (through training of local government officers, forums of County Commissioners and infrastructure support)
• Sustainable local government financing systems identified and implemented
• Basic services provided by local governments using proper systems and procedures and in partnership with local/citizen organizations and traditional authorities.

Snapshots of the project's major achievements
1. Training of local government officers
• LGRP assisted the Local Government Board to screen more than 3,000 local government officers employed by the ten state Ministries of Local Government through written exams and to reduce the number to 1,583 (2007 – 2008).
• LGRP trained 274 local government officers selected from the ten states in a three-week Training of Trainers (ToT) course in five batches (2008 – 2009). A refresher course was given to 121 of them who attended the first three courses (2009). About 200 of the 274 trained officers are deemed to be qualified and currently available.
• 6th Training of Trainers course will be held in 2011 so that each county and each state Ministry of Local Government HQ will have three trained and qualified local government officers.
• Based on the experience gained through the courses, the Local Government Board developed a longer-term training programme, which is being implemented with the support of partner organizations including GIZ and USAID.
• LGRP provides on-the-job coaching to the trained and other local government officers deployed to the counties and the state Ministry of Local Government HQs.

2. County planning and budgeting
• LGRP has been providing technical and financial support to all of the 79 counties throughout Southern Sudan to prepare medium-term and annual county plans & budgets since 2007.
• Capitalizing on achievements and lessons learned from the past years and in coordination with Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, LGRP prepared a revised guide for (i) strategic planning and (ii) annual planning & budgeting (2010).
• In 2011, LGRP, along with Crisis and Recovery Mapping & Analysis, supports the counties for participatory strategic planning using an improved methodology for data gathering, situation analyses and issues prioritization.
• LGRP advises the Local Government Board, state Ministries of Local Government and counties on the transfer and use of GoSS county development grants that have been made available since 2009.

3. Commissioners Forums
• LGRP, along with state staff of other UNDP projects, provided support to the Local Government Board and state Ministries of Local Government to organize the first Commissioners’ Forum in each state (2010). The Forums created a platform of county and state stakeholders to gather together to compare notes and openly discuss county-level issues in the areas of administration, finance, service delivery, security among others. The Forums generated a great deal of enthusiasm and specific resolutions and recommendations for improving policy and operational environment for the counties.

4. Capacity development for legislative councils
• LGPR has been assisting the establishment of county legislative councils with appointed members as an interim measure. All of the counties in the three Equatoria States and Jonglei have constituted the legislative councils. LGRP has prepared an induction guide to orient the councilors in principles of local governance and specific roles of councilors.

5. Staff recruitment and training
• LGRP has recruited and trained eleven state staff (Organizational Development Facilitators) to provide hands-on support to the state Ministries of Local Government and counties. After a few years, they are expected to join the civil service and lead capacity development from within the government as per the Local Government Board’s strategy.

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