Ikotos county Hands Preliminary Results to Eastern Equatoria State Referendum High Committee

12:31 Jan 18 2011 Torit

Ikotos County Hands Preliminary Results to Referendum State High Committee

Ikotos has become the second county in the state to hand referendum preliminary results to the State High Committee.
The preliminary results for Ikotos county like indicate landslide support for secession.
The County Subcommittee members arrived state Referendum office in Torit town at ten this morning.

Br. Francis Okongo is the County Referendum Subcommittee chairman for Ikotos County, and speaking to Radio Emmanuel, he said the referendum process was peaceful.
Mr. Okongo also said although the referendum process went well there were logistical challenges.
Mr.Okongo also said his team was able to assist people with special attention to participate in casting their votes.

Results Summry

Registered Votes : 57128;
Voted: 57127;
Unity Votes: 05;
Secession Votes: 57041;
invalid votes: 79;
unmarked: 02;

Fr. Lounoi Santino
Director Radio Emmanuel
Catholic Diocese of Torit
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