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Clashes in malakal town 1 Verified

12:09 Feb 05, 2011

The Join intergrated Unit clashed yesterday in malakal town with the militias for the reasons of not going back to khartoum government.


Eastern Equatoria State announces preliminary results 0 Unverified

17:47 Jan 22, 2011

Eastern Equatoria state today officially announced its preliminary results. Summary; No. of registered votes 465052; No. casted ballots: 463699; votes for unity; 246 votes for secession: 462663; invalid ballots; 720 unmarked ballots: 70; Voters turnout: 99.71% Percentage unity: 0.05% percentage secession: 99.95%


Announcement of state referendum results 4 Unverified

16:37 Jan 20, 2011

According to SuDEMOP State Coordinators across all the ten states including out of country locations such as Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda where SuDEMOP deployed Observers during the referendum polls, the Southern Sudan Referendum was conducted in a commendable manner. Provisional reports have been announced yesterday (the 19th jan.2011) and today (20th jan.2011) for the following locations: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and five out of the ten states of Southern Sudan namely, Western Bahar el Ghazal, Lakes, Central Equatoria, Upernile and Western Equatoria states. All these locations report that Southern Sudanese voted for secession overwhelmingly. The 60% Threshold was surpass'


SuDEMOP Press conference 0 Unverified

16:12 Jan 20, 2011

The SuDEMOP’s secretariat released a statement yesterday on the 19th of January 2011. They are making public the findings of the survey conducted during the exhibition period and counting process for the referendum polling process. In their findings;- - There was high number of southern Sudanese who registered to vote. - The turnout for referendum vote was very high and -The whole referendum process went on peacefully and transparently The southern Sudanese have voted wisely and they hope that, the will of the people will be reflected in the final result that will be announced


preliminary results for Budi and Kapoeta East Counties 0 Unverified

01:01 Jan 20, 2011

Budi county and kapoeta east handed their results today. attached are pictures. Summary Budi County\; Registered voters: 38505 voted: 38274 unity vote: 6 seccession: 38274 invalid : 19 unmarked: 1 Summary Kapoeta East Registered voters: 60050 voted: 59464 unity vote: 10 seccession: 59414 invalid : 28 unmarked: 12 Please, these are only provisional results. the official results will be announced by EES referendum High committe on Saturday 22/Jan/2011


Ikotos county Hands Preliminary Results to Eastern Equatoria State Referendum High Committee 0 Unverified

12:31 Jan 18, 2011

Ikotos County Hands Preliminary Results to Referendum State High Committee Ikotos has become the second county in the state to hand referendum preliminary results to the State High Committee. The preliminary results for Ikotos county like indicate landslide support for secession. The County Subcommittee members arrived state Referendum office in Torit town at ten this morning. Br. Francis Okongo is the County Referendum Subcommittee chairman for Ikotos County, and speaking to Radio Emmanuel, he said the referendum process was peaceful. Mr. Okongo also said although the referendum process went well there were logistical challenges. Mr.Okongo also said his team was able to assist people with special attention to participate in casting their votes. Results Summry Registered Votes : 57128; Voted: 57127; Unity Votes: 05; Secession Votes: 57041; invalid votes: 79; unmarked: 02; Fr. Lounoi Santino Director Radio Emmanuel Catholic Diocese of Torit


Torit County Pictures 0 Unverified

16:01 Jan 17, 2011

please, i have also for you pictures for today


Torit County announces referendum preliminary results 5 Unverified

15:50 Jan 17, 2011

Torit County Referendum Subcommittee in Eastern Equatoria state became the first to announces its polling results. The announcement ceremony took place this morning at the Torit County office in town. The results that show a overwhelming support for secession was declared by Ephraim Ongirim, the County Referendum Subcommittee chairman. The event was attended by local and international observers. The county Commissioner H.E. Felix Otuduha attended the event. Results Summary Registered voters= 66700; Voted = 66652; Unity votes= 90; Secession vote= 66436; Invalid votes= 114; unmarked votes = 12. projected EES turnout : over 90% Fr. Lounoi Santino Director Radio Emmanuel, Catholic Diocese of Torit Torit-Sudan


IGAD Press conference 0 Verified

13:36 Jan 17, 2011

The prliminary assessment according to IGAD press release today is that the referendum process was free, Fair and Credible.


Campaigning in the polling centre. 0 Verified

13:59 Jan 16, 2011

The voters in pagari were campaigning in the polling centers .

5.997183, 30.710360

Removal of observers 0 Verified

13:55 Jan 16, 2011

The observers were not allowed to observe the tabulation process in Renk by the Upper Nile High commutte today.


Southern Kordofan electoral official resigns 0 Unverified

13:51 Jan 16, 2011

Southern Kordofan electoral official resigns over voter registration deadlock


Unity state 85% turnout 0 Unverified

13:50 Jan 16, 2011

Unity state 85% turnout

unity, sudan

Warrap turnout over 91.8% 5 Unverified

13:48 Jan 16, 2011

Warrap turnout over 91.8%

warrap, sudan

Lakes reaches 84% turnout 0 Unverified

13:46 Jan 16, 2011

Lakes reaches 84% turnout

lakes, sudan

Removal of observers. 1 Verified

13:45 Jan 16, 2011

The observers were not allowed to observe the tabulation processes in upper Nile today by the high community.


Removal of observers in the town of Rajah 0 Verified

13:14 Jan 16, 2011

The observers were not allowed to observe the process of tabulation.

raja, sudan

Removal of observers 0 Verified

13:01 Jan 16, 2011

The observers were not allowed to observe the tabulation processes in the town of Wau.


Voting time. 0 Verified

13:43 Jan 15, 2011

Voters were not allowed to vote after 5:00Pm in North Kordofan


security challenges. 0 Verified

13:17 Jan 15, 2011

The observers in Wau faces security challenges in by anauthorised personal within the town and other places tht i may soon send also.