Responding to HIV/AIDS

Decades of civil war and limited epidemiological data make it difficult to clearly assess the status of HIV/AIDS in Sudan. However, it is generally agreed that the country is in the early stages of a generalized HIV/AIDS epidemic, with an almost exclusively heterosexual transmission pattern. The most reliable available indication of the extent of the epidemic is the 2002 Situation Analysis study conducted in the government-controlled parts of the country: 11 out of 16 states in the north and 3 in the south.

To help the country join the global fight against HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases, UNDP’s interventions fall under two categories: managing the funds allocated by the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria (GFATM), and implementing interventions that address HIV/AIDS as it affects development, governance, the protection of human rights and gender equality.

UNDP has been nominated by the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) in Sudan as the Principal Recipient to be legally responsible for grant proceeds and implementation. The Global Fund confirmed this nomination and a new partnership has been forged in 2003. UNDP’s Khartoum office is currently managing 4 grants of $US 181,9 million covering the period 2005- 2012, while the UNDP Juba office is managing 4 grants for Southern Sudan amounting to USD 94 million for the period 2004-2011.

UNDP Sudan, through its Khartoum and Juba Offices, is responsible for the programmatic and financial management of the grants, the procurement of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB related items and works to develop the capacity of the following national partners: Sudan National AIDS Programme, National Malaria Control Programme, National TB Programme, and General Directorate of Pharmacy, People Living with HIV Association, and local NGOs working in the field of HIV/AIDS (Rufaida, Lokita, Ana Sudan, Sudan Family Planning Association).

As part of the GFATM supported interventions, UNDP contracts UN Agencies (UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA), UNAIDS and International NGOs (ACCORD and Christian Aid) to use their expertise in the implementation of project activities.

In addition to assuming the principal recipient role through the management of the GFATM resources, UNDP runs two HIV/AIDS projects in Sudan that seek to reach out to the general public and community at large by mobilizing religious leaders, parliamentarians, and other influential groups of the Sudanese society. In addition, the Office provides services to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), pregnant women, military personnel, female tea and food sellers and youth including street children, high schools and university students.

UNDP also works closely with the national authorities to govern the HIV/AIDS response and place it at the centre of human development agenda by mainstreaming it into national development plans, budgets and poverty reduction strategies. UNDP is working with national government institutions and NGOs such as the Sudan National AIDS Programme (SNAP), the technical department of the Government of Sudan responsible for HIV/AIDS national policy, planning, and coordination, and the South Sudan National AIDS Council Under the UNAIDS. Division of Labour, UNDP is taking the lead in addressing AIDS as a crucial Development, Governance, Human Rights and Gender issue.

The following projects provide detailed information on UNDP’s contribution to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria across the country:

Leadership and Capacity Development to Address HIV Aids
Scaling up the National Response for Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Sudan
Fighting HIV Aids in Sudan
The Comprehensiveness and Quality of Directly Observed Treatment (DOTS)
Malaria Prevention and Control
HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Programme in Southern Sudan
Tuberculosis and HIV Collaborative Programme in Southern Sudan
Improving and Expanding Tuberculosis Control in Southern Sudan

Closed Projects
Tuberculosis Control Programme in Southern Sudan
Global Fund Malaria Control Programme in Southern Sudan
HIV/AIDS Programme for Persons of Humanitarian Concern

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