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Sudan’s North-South defense body to probe Abyei violence


March 1, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – The command of integrated military forces between north and south Sudan will form an investigation committee to probe recent incidents of violence in the contested central area of Abyei.

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Sudan’s north-south Joint Defense Council – Al-Jazzera website

At least ten people were killed and several others injured on Sunday as a result of armed clashes between members of the cattle-herding Arab tribe of Misseriya and local police in Sudan’s flashpoint area of Abyei which is contested by north and south Sudan.

More people died yesterday as violence spread, according to reports by local press in Khartoum.

The Joint Defense Council (JDC), which supervises the evenly-composed Joint Integrated Units (JIU) established under the 2005’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between north and south Sudan, on Monday announced it would form a committee to investigate the violence.

The announcement was made to local reporters by JDC spokesman Aiwain Alier, who also said that the council intends to deploy joint units northward of Dafra oilfield in order to safeguard movement of Misseriya herdsmen and voluntary return of southerners.

Separately, Alier revealed that plans were underway to relocate JIU’s components of north and south Sudan’s armies to their respective territories by a deadline of April 9.

Alier said that the council had already started relocating two brigades of the JIU currently stationed in Khartoum and Juba, adding that the ongoing relocation process is expected to be complete by March 7.

He further explained that the Khartoum-stationed JIU forces of South Sudan army, Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), would move to Kosti town in central Sudan to take the ferry back to the south, whereas South Sudan-based JIU forces of north Sudan army would begin to gather in Juba in order to depart from the south.

According to the spokesman, the council had decided to complete withdrawal of all JIU by a deadline of 9 April.

South Sudan is expected to declare official independence from the north in July this year after the region’s citizens voted overwhelmingly to secede from the north in a referendum in January.


  • 2 March 10:14, by Kolnyang youth

    all those agreement you have done out of CPA document have brought more destruction a than good in Abyei area,please i beg you stop that deployment of more arabs than SPLA .


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    • 2 March 11:08, by nyic rot

      JIU and un keeping forces are doing nothing in southern sudan, lets un forces go back to were they came from,Arabs are killing more civilains in Abyei and un is silent.am realy tied with this.

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    • 3 March 06:08, by Young Nation

      About Troops redeployment

      How will South Sudanese serving in North Sudan’s army as Jallaba’s proxies all these years 1983-2011 feel when they are going to be send home with shame? It terribly feels bad and humiliating indeed. This is the moment of truth to those Southerners who had been combating SPLA on behave of North Sudan’s regime.

      They had been told over and over again that the North is utilizing them as war slaves against their own brothers and sisters in the South for decades. The time has now approach for them to reflect on what they had been told by their onw people in the South during the war time.

      South Sudan Nation Oyee

      Young Nation is a citizen of South Sudan residing in Melbourne, Australia

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  • 2 March 11:34, by Achol John

    What need to be probed when indeed this conflict of messiriya attacking the Abyei had been there and continue to be carried out? This is sickening and lame excuse that deserve no damn attention. Why amass troops against Athor who need peace while leaving Abyei people vulnerable to massacre by Misseriya militias if not the SAF in disguise of messiriya militias. Shame on Salva Kiir Mayardit.

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    • 5 March 07:12, by Aliny pathou

      Acho John

      You are right on that, our president is just a shotsighted president, who doesn’t not see the future of the nation. He focus with the internal conflicts which have no impact at all on publices at large, except some elites in Juba. Abyei problems need attention by massing the troops on the border rather than massing the troops on Athor sites. Athor is not a threats to the southerns.

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  • 2 March 13:40, by son of abyei

    It sicking to hear all this, what is there to be investigated? yet it was the director of Intelligence for Northern Sudan who preached about all this killing and now we need to know what happened? is that a sick joke? Please whoever got any sense of this issue man up..it wouldn’t be every year that we have be killed and yet we do have a Government, please to something this Arabs that means business.

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  • 2 March 17:06, by Janafil

    I am so Anoyyed with this Arab! they are arming this misserryia including Athor and distant themselves! for me there should be no investigation any more, enough is enough.
    Mr Salva instead for you to give orders for your brother(Athor)to be dealt with, why not to this arabs, please I advise you to release the orders diverting them from Athor to Arab Messriyia and give Athor his right.
    When your child is asking for his/her right, the best way is to give him his right and let him shield against the danger coming from out side.

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