Support to the Abyei Civil Administration Project

Fast Facts:
Project document and reports available upon request
Location: Abyei
Duration: 2008– 2011
Focus area: Democratic Governance
Partners: The Abyei Area Administration
United Nations Mission in Sudan Police
United Nation Mission in Sudan Correctional Services
UNMIS Human Rights; Civil Affairs; and Protection of Civilians;
Abyei Human Rights Society (AHRS)/Abyei Paralegal Association
Delivery(USD): 2010: 1,835,372
Contact person in UNDP: Amanda Serumaga, Head of the Governance and Rule of Law Unit

The Support to the Abyei Civil Administration Project started in November 2008. The Project was created following the signing of the Abyei Road Map on 8 June 2008 to end violence that erupted in Abyei in May 2008 resulting into the displacement of over 60,000 people. The Road Map specifically seeks to address issues related to security arrangements, return of IDPs, interim arrangements for the Abyei Administration, and arrangement for final settlement. It aims to contribute to peace and stability in Abyei through support to the establishment of the civil administration in Abyei in furtherance of the Road Map for the Return of IDPs and the Abyei Protocol.

The Project aims to provide support for the establishment of a functional civil administration and JIPU through infrastructure and technical advisory support including construction of civil administration and police premises, formulation of a legislative and regulatory framework for governance, urban planning support and capacity development for the provision of public goods and services.

Snapshots of the project's major achievements

I: Urban Planning
• Reviewed an urban appraisal study report and topographical survey works conducted in Abyei in the past, which facilitated the development of a draft township development strategy for Abyei.
• Developed a layout plan for a proposed Abyei Township Truck parking (for 100 trucks) incorporating plot layouts for small scale industries and convenience shops

II: Legislative Reform
• Supported the development of an interim basic law for Abyei through facilitation of public consultations between the Council and civil society representatives in Abyei; and translation of the draft bill from English to Arabic.

III: Financial Management

• Provided technical support in the recruitment of senior staff for the Finance and Economic Planning Department.
• Supported the AAA Finance and Economic Planning Department in drafting a Public Financial Management and Accountability Act, and draft Public Procurement Regulations/Guidelines.
• Conducted a 2-day training 26 AAA staff from finance units of all Departments.
• Supported the AAA in the 2010 budget preparation process; and a Budget Book.

IV: Institutional and Infrastructure Support
• Supporting the construction and furnishing of offices and accommodation for the new Abyei Area Administration (AAA).
• Pending the completion of new offices for the Abyei Administration, the Project has commenced renovation of two dilapidated buildings to provide space for Administration staff.
• Provided communication equipment, office furniture and equipment, stationery and medical items to support the establishment of the JIPU.
• Completed the construction of a police station in Agok after the May 2008 violence (phase 1) and commenced the second phase (Erection of a fence and gate; and construction of 3 offices, 2 holding cells and sanitary block).
• Renovated the Abyei Police Station offices block; holding cells; and registry.
• Completed construction accommodation and dining hall for the JIPU.
• Commenced renovation of the Abyei Justice and Confidence Center following the May 2008 violence.

V: Capacity Development
• Trained 60 Joint Integrated Police Unit (JIPU) officers of different ranks in human rights, basic crime investigation and other policing aspects, in two 10-day training courses.
• Supported a training course for 9 JIPU officers and Abyei Social Welfare officers on gender and child protection.
• Conducted a Workshop for traditional court elders in Agok on international human rights standards and how it relates to their work.
• Supported a 3-day Corrections training was conducted for JIPU officers the ‘Principles of Prison Management and UN Minimum Standard Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners’.
• Initiated activities for the establishment of a Police Civilian Partnership Board in Abyei to enhance Community Policing.
• Revised the Constitution for the Abyei Human Rights Society (AHRS) in preparation for enhanced activities in the area.

VI: Project Implementation structure:
• Established a Project Local Steering Committee and convened a meeting with all partners and stakeholders in the governance and rule of law sector in Abyei.
• Recruited and co-located three technical advisors with the AAA: Urban Planning; Finance and Public Expenditure Management; and Legal Specialists.

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