Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN)

TOKTEN Achievements (2006 - up to date)



Advisor on Monitoring and Evaluation , Ministry of International Corporation (MIC)
Khartoum, 14 January - 4 February 2011. Although this assignment were made in 2011, but the commitments and all procedures were organized for 2010. Over the past years, the department of Monitoring and Evaluation within MIC have been challenged in terms of fulfilling their prime mandate of coordinating, monitoring and management inflow of foreign aid in Sudan. to lift up  the capacity of the staff in M&E department, two projects from UNDP collaborate together which are the Aid Management and Coordination unit (AMCU) which deployed an international consultant to design a result based M&E system ease of use when dealing with the donors funded programs as well as aligning the developed system to the Sudan Aid Information database (SAID), TOKTEN Project on the other hand recruited an expatriate national consultant Dr. Salah Mahdi, Economic Researcher at Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, KSA volunteering his services to raise the staff awareness on M&E different  modules and mechanisms as well as knowing how to deal with different agencies, counterparts and donors in terms of M&E.

Advisor on Monitoring and Evaluation , Directorate of Economic Planning and Development, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Kassala, 18 December  2010 - 7 January 2011, Among the responsibilities of planning and coordinating development activities in the state, the Ministry has been challenged by the inadequate human resources capacity to undertake their responsibilities on coordinating the activities of the state public institutions,  development technical activities of national and international development partners including UN agencies. Dr. Hafiz Elnaima, Director ,Business  Consultant  and project proposals preparation  Advisor , CCDN (Celebrating Cultural Diversity Network) , UK, put his extensive experiences on the hands of the Ministry staff by using the current knowledge available in the state, the training sessions contains lectures from the dean of economic faculty, Kassala University on Planning and M&E, Director of Statistics about the demographic indicators and vital signs, along with other sessions Dr. Hafiz aims by this collaboration to link the outside knowledge with the available ones in the state and create solid backbone M&E network between the Ministry and the entire state society.

Advisor on Research Methodologies in University of Kordofan , North Kordofan
Elobeid, 15 - 30 December -  Part of the university academic and research responsibilities is to contribute to the community development in various aspects. The University is facing serious lack of capacity to carry out effective scientific research in the state, and  lacking qualified and experienced lecturers in the subject of research methodology, data collection and analysis. TOKTEN Expert Dr. Mohamed Elhindi the Technical Chief Information Officer, from Minnesota State College-Southeast  played an important role by training the university lecturers on scientific research and how to write scientific researches and papers.
The recommendations that came up from this assignment are: focus more on faculty training on IT, creating IT system and improving the curriculum development.

Designing  Nutrition Information System, Ministry of Health (MOH), National Nutrition Programme
Khartoum, 26 December 2010 - 6 January 2011- Information is considered as the back-bone for making critical decisions in MoH. Hence, the National Nutrition Programme has developed a database system to analyze, collect data from the 15 northern states to be able to extract different narrative reports. new updates and gaps appeared which requires another review of the existing system and train the NIS staff  on  producing and delivering proper reports. Dr. Imad-Eldin Abugessaisa, works as a researcher at Santa Anna IT research Institute, Sweden,  reviewed the NIS system and upgraded it according to their new requirements ad pilot phase.
The recommendations: prepare a clear plan for the next phase which will include TOT for the staff during July 2011.

Designing an e-market web portal, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Trade Information Center,
Khartoum,4-28 December  –One of the major roles in the Ministry of Foreign trade is to reflect and promote for the import and export of the Sudanese products as well as monitoring the trends of international trade and prices in order to follow the best way to link it with the local market. To address these issues and challenges properly, the Center requests TOKTEN to support the establishment of an e- market website and train the relevant staff on best utilization and running the website. Mr. Tarig Ali, the project Manager in Government of Canada- Region Municipality of Peel, Brampton, Canada, has been volunteering his services to accomplish this task through designing an e-market web portal ( both on Arabic and English, train the relevant staff on how to use and edit the contents, contribute on the development of the strategic plan for the trade information center and participate on interviewing the new staff required
The recommendations: to evaluate the current update and look for further amendment.

Advisor on Strategic Planning, Blue Nile University, Peace and Development Center
Damazin, 25 - October -10 November - The Peace and Development Studies Center aimd with coordination with the Strategic Planning secretariat to prepare a comprehensive strategic development plan for the state. Dr. Hafiz Elnaima, Director ,Business  Consultant  and project proposals preparation  Advisor , CCDN (Celebrating Cultural Diversity Network) , UK, who drove and promoted for the importance of planning Monitoring and evaluation in consolidation of peace and sustaining development. The preparation of creation a strategic planning center inside the university has been negotiated.
The recommendations: Ensure the sustainability of planning, M&E  and enhance the capacity of project writing & budgeting

Development of Statistical Information, The Producer Price Index, Sudanese National Bureau of Statistics,
Khartoum, 29 November - 9 December  -  For the first time in Sudan, the Industrial Producer Price Index (IPPI) will be applied  in order to maximize the performance of the  economists and policy designers when analyzing the overall state of the economy. To Achieve this, several measurements need to be fulfilled, for that reason a call from Statistical Bureau in liaison with TOKTEN were made to Mr. Emad Mansour an Economist from Government of Canada,  to provide the support required to accomplish this task which has been divided into 4 phases. A number of 28 participants attended the the first phase training sessions, the participants who were sharing the same interests came from different states  ( South and North Kordofan, White Nile and Red Sea) ,  Economic Faculties-from different  Universities, Ministries and different departments of the Statistical Bureau. This session focused on providing survey planning, methodologies and questionnaire designing.
The second phase  that will be implemented in March 2011, Mr. Emad  will  focus on data collectors to go through interviewing skills, system specifications and imputation

Ecohealth Risk Assessment and Management, Omdurman Ahlia University (OAU),
Khartoum, 28 - November - 17 - December  -  Environmental challenges increased in the recent years which threatens the integrity of ecohealth and hence the components of the ecosystem. the OAU has two faculties (FES and FHS)* which are targeting the community environmental health and the ecological health. Those faculties were in need of building their staff academic and professional capacities in the areas of  ecohealth risk assessment, risk communication and management  as those are the methods that provides the scientific foundation for the development of  cost-effective interventions strategies  which controls and protect the ecohealth system from environmental stressors. Dr. Hussni Omer Mohammed, who works currently at Cornell University as Professor of Epidemiology, USA. trained 24 participants (22 from FES,FHS, 2 from Ministry of animal resources) on statistics, deterministic modeling and risk assessment.
The recommendations which will be applied next April 2011 will emphasis deterministic approaches including study design, data collection and data analysis as well as emphasizing modeling

Advisor on Project Planning, Management, M & E and Proposal Writing, State Ministry of Local Government, Commissioner of Juba County-Reintegration and Development Centre
Juba, The Reintegration and Development Centre (RDC) manager together with the County Commissioner assigned a number of project officers to assure the achievement of the program objectives at the sixteen payams of Juba County. Hence, the need of enhancing those project officers highlighted and a TOKTEN Consultant  Dr. Taha Elhag, a Senior Lecturer at UCL, University of London, UK ,came to cover these issues, the result has been reflected , the staff knowledge and skills were increased on management and the means of transformation of project data  and reporting guidelines.

Advisor on data collection, coding, analysis, and interpretation methods using statistical package (SAS), University of Science and Technology (UST)

Khartoum,21 March – 6 May. Taking a deep look into the students and staff researches, UST determined the need for staff to develop and improve their capabilities to seek and identify the right data for their researches by improving the knowledge of data collection, coding, analysis, and interpretation. Mr. Emad Mansour an Economist from Government of Canada has provided his services based on the recommendations from a previous assignment made in 2009 by Dr. Awad Ibrahim (TOKTEN Advisor). Mr. Emad used Statistical Analysis System (SAS) on analyzing research data as key tool and train the 25 participants who came from different departments in UST, University of Khartoum and the Sudanese National Bureau of> Statistics
The recommendations: Participants and TOKTEN Expert  agreed to plan and  look into the possibility of establishing a website that cares about research methodology and the publication of research papers

Advisor on Forestry decision- Support Tools and Modeling, Forests National Corporation(FNC)
Khartoum, 21 March – 22 April. For sustaining Forests management in Sudan, the government has developed strategic plan which aims to ensure that the goods and services derived from the forest are meeting the current needs and securing its contribution to long-term development, but FNC were lacking adequate staff to implement this policy, also a need to train them in forests inventory and modeling aroused. for this Dr. Abdel Azim Zumrawi, who works currently as Growth and Yield Biometrician, at British Colombia, Ministry of Forest, Vancouver, Canada transferred his extensive knowledge to FNC in order to assess and manage Sudan's Forest resources by introducing methods and tools currently not used in Sudan. A number of  60 participants from different states and special appearance from University of Khartoum which contributed on enlightening some topics related to the subject.
The Recommendations: Continues Collaboration between Dr. Zumrawi and FNC for an extensive proposal to initiate the development of computer-based models for the different forest ecosystems of Sudan 

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