Support to Southern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund Commission (SSRDF)

Fast Facts:
Project document and reports available upon request
Location: All ten states of Southern Sudan
Duration: Sept 2010 – March 2011
Focus area: Democratic Governance
Contributions(USD): Sudan Recovery Fund (Netherlands and United Kingdom)
UNDP AA JP: US$: 540,390
Partners: Southern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund
Delivery(USD): 2010:295,878
Contact person in UNDP: Marcello Lado Jada, Project Manager
Sudan Recovery Fund
The purpose of this project is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Southern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund (SSRDF) Commission to achieve its mandate. The project aims to support regionally balanced development and improved livelihood conditions for people through a review of SSRDF objectives, structure, functions and systems as well as targeted capacity building.

Snapshots of the project's major achievements

• A strategic plan was developed for SSRDF; it is currently under review by SSRDF and UNDP.
• Planning of the dialogue forum on SSRDF’s role and mandate with key stakeholders. Proposed to be implemented during quarter one 2011.
• Information, communication and technology specialist deployed to work with SSRDF.
• Procurement and transfer of office-related and operational assets and equipment to SSRDF.
• Seven SSRDF staff members trained on financial management.
• Six additional staff members trained on planning and management, two of which were also trained on monitoring and evaluation.
• One staff member trained in procurement management and four more in various administrative areas (e.g. human resources).
• Supported SSRDF to host in-house training on basic computing skills for eight of its staff and three from the Central Equatoria State Ministry of Finance.
• Supported 12 government officials to attend the African Association for Public Administration and Management Conference in South Africa.
• SSRDF conducted monitoring missions to Northern Bahr El Ghazal, Unity and Upper Nile States and participated in additional visits to other SRF projects in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Western Equatoria States.

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