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The Japan International Cooperation Agency would like to express its sincere gratitude for the thousands of messages received worldwide in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. This widespread support will only encourage us to continue our work with a renewed sense of mission and shared responsibility with all of our global partners and friends.



JICA President Completes Five-Day Pacific Visit

Mrs. Ogata reviewed issues ranging from the rise in global sea levels to more day-to-day issues such as education and waste.



Ministerial Follow-Up Meeting Reaffirms Commitment to the World’s Most Vulnerable People

A two-day meeting in Tokyo agrees that ‘partnership’ is key to realizing a global commitment to help the world’s poorest.



Forum Discusses Asia’s Role in Global Development Community

Coordination through information sharing is a key for Asia’s larger contribution to the global development assistance, says agency official.



JICA To Dispatch Emergency Supplies to Namibia in Wake of Floods

JICA is sending emergency supplies to victims of flooding in Namibia caused by months of heavy rains region-wide.



New Friendships and Help Forged Amidst Massive Tragedy

China and Japan recently suffered two of the worst earthquakes in history, but amidst the twin devastation each offered the other friendship and a helping hand.



JICA – ADB – AFD Joint Seminar

JICA, ADB and AFD co-hosted a joint seminar entitled “Investing in ‘Climate-Smart’ Development: Southeast Asia’s Awakening” at the 44th ADB Annual Meeting held in Hanoi from May 3rd to May 6th.


Sadako Ogata

Japan's foreign assistance to poor countries is more important than ever.

Sadako Ogata

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