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The overall aim of this programme is to provide a series of activities and services to UNMIS National Staff Members in order to support them during their career transition period in view of the liquidation of the Mission.


  • A dedicated Career Counseling help desk 
  • Support in preparing P11s and Resumes
  • Support in preparing for interviews
  • A series of workshops aimed at improving marketability and chances of staff to compete for other job opportunities
  • A team of dedicated Human Resources officers working with their counterparts in other UN organizations to look for matches of profiles with specific vacancy announcements
  • Job Fair - IMTC and HR will coordinate with HR departments of other UN organizations, NGO’s and companies from the private sector

The Job Fair is being planned with invitations to more than 60 organizations represented in Khartoum. Besides other United Nations organizations, the most important private companies, International and local NGO’s, hospitals and schools are also being invited. Preliminary list of invited organizations (NOTE: This list will be updated during the week).


Staff Members are encouraged to seek further information with the Career Counselling help desk and the National Staff Association and review their P11s and Resumes. Staff Members from Northern locations other than Khartoum are welcome to come to the Job Fair. It represents a unique networking opportunity which all are encouraged to explore.


The Integrated Mission Training Centre will announce through a separate broadcast the details of the dedicated Career Counselling help desk and schedule and details of the following workshops:

  • P11 writing
  • CV & Resume writing
  • Interviewing Skills for UN Competency Based Interviews
  • Interviewing Skills for non UN Organizations (NGO’s, private companies, etc.)
  • Looking for a Job? How to prepare for the Job Fair

IMTC Training: Mr. Pedro Amado, amado@un.org, ext. 9662
Human Resources: Ms. Haneefa De Clercq, declercq@un.org, ext. 7267
Staff Counseling & Welfare: Ms. Tayseer El-Gaili, el-gaili@un.org, ext. 6053

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