UNDP Sudan Quarterly Bulletin
Volume 5: July 2009:
Special Edition: UNDP in Eastern Sudan : UNDP’s full engagement in Eastern Sudan dates back to late 1980s. Over the past twenty years, UNDP has been supporting rural development, local governance, access to judicial servicesl ...
Volume 4: April 2009:
In focus: “The first time I delivered a baby I felt so nervous. I thought can I or can’t I really do this?” says 18-year old Nafiza Abdallah as she sits outside her home in the small fishing village of Ofud in Blue Nile State. ...
Volume 3: February 2009:
In focus: Women victims of rape in Darfur used to be denied post-trauma medical assistance unless they agreed to complete Form 8. Form 8 is a one page reporting document produced by the Ministry of Justice to record physical injuries related to criminal acts...
Volume 2: December 2008:
In focus: In Darfur, where conflict continues to place significant strains on the justice system, UNDP’s Rule of Law Programme is sponsoring low-income law graduates to sit for the Bar Examination held in Khartoum, allowing them the right to practice law in the region...
Volume 1: April- June 2008:
In focus: The Government of National Unity of Sudan (GoNU), the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) and UNDP signed on June 25 in Geneva an agreement to support the reintegration of 180,000 ex-combatants and to facilitate their successful transition back to civilian life...
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