Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund

Recognizing the need for visible peace dividends for Darfurians during the political negotiation process, the Darfur International Partners (DIP) group created the Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund (DCPSF) which was announced in Sirte in October 2007. The Fund seeks to promote community level trust, confidence and peace building throughout Darfur. It is envisaged that by facilitating confidence and trust at the grass roots level, the DCPSF will address the root causes of violence, providing a platform for dialogue and promoting reconciliation across ethnic, tribal and political divides.

The Fund complements assistance channeled through bilateral and multilateral humanitarian funding streams like the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF), by concentrating support on the delivery of early recovery and development assistance on a small scale, as an incentive to peace, until such time as the Darfur Joint Assessment Mission (DJAM) is resumed and completed, and the Darfur Early Recovery Programme initiated. The DJAM, which was suspended in October 2006 due to insecurity and political fragmentation, will only resume once conditions of 1) security on the ground, and 2) a credible and inclusive process, have been met.

The DCPSF is innovative in that it encourages a conflict sensitive approach by engaging diverse communities to collectively identify their needs, rather than simply responding to humanitarian needs.

DCPSF Phase 2-Terms of Reference

- Terms of Reference of DCPSF Phase 2 (2011-2015)

DCPSF Phase 2 – Call for Proposals Documents:

- Correction Regarding the Minimum Scores
- Application Form for DCPSF 2011 Call for Proposals

- Guidance Note DCPSF Call for Proposals 2011

Call for Proposals Small Grants Programme Manager 2010:

- Terms of Reference SGPM 2010
- SGPM Guidance Note 2010 (Amended Version)
- Application Form SGPM 2010

- Call for Proposals Information Session PowerPoint Presentation
- Overview of Current DCPSF Projects
- Guidance Note 2010 Call for Proposals
- Information Sessions for DCPSF Call for Proposals 2010
- Application Form for DCPSF 2010 Call for Proposals
- Notice for Call for Proposals 2010

- DCPSF Conflict Sensitive M&E Strategy
- Terms of Reference of the DCPSF
- Annex to the TORs
- Steering Committee Governance Structure

- Guidance Note for applicants responding to the “DCPSF – Ad Hoc Call for Proposals 2009” (Closed)
- Trainer for DCPSF Partner Organisations and Stakeholders
- (EOI) Terms of Reference for Research Report on the Role of Community Leadership across Darfur (Closed)
- Terms of Reference - Small Grants Programme Manager for Small Grants Scheme (Closed)
- Guidance Note for Applicants Responding to the Call for Proposals (Closed)
- Application Form for DCPSF (Closed)
- Amendment no.1 (Closed)

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 Contact person in UNDP
 Mr. Assefaw Tewolde
 Head of Fund Management Unit a.i

 Mr. Ashutosh Jha
 NGO Coordinator
Contact persons in Resident Coordinator Support Office
Mr. Simon Little
Head of the DCPSF Technical Secretariat
Contact person in UNDP HQ
Mr. Bisrat Aklilu
Executive Coordinator

Ms. Sana Zemri
Portfolio Manager
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 Administrative Agent Role
Under Delegation of Authority from the Executive Coordinator of the Multi Donor Trust Fund Office UNDP administers the DCPSF on behalf of the UN.

For more information please visit:

-Monthly Statement collection 2007
-Certified Financial Report 2007
-Monthly Statement collection 2008
-Certified Financial Report 2008
-Monthly Statement collection 2009
 Management Agent Role
As Participating UN Organization to the DCPSF, UNDP Country Office manages the access to National and International NGO to pool funds, through grant agreements in NGO execution modality, under the directives of the Steering Committee chaired by the RC.
 Technical Secretariat Support
UNDP/Resident Coordinator Office hosts the Technical Secretariats in support of the Steering Committee for the DCPSF. The role of UNDP/RCSO Technical Secretariats is to provide appropriate and timely advice, technical assistance and support on matters of policy, prioritization and allocation of resources.
 DCPSF workplans
- DCPSF workplan 2009
- DCPSF Evidence and Capacity   Mapping workplan
 DCPSF Updates - 2009
- Update No. 1 January/February
- DCPSF Newsletter Issue 1
- DCPSF Newsletter Issue 2
- DCPSF Newsletter Issue 3
 DCPSF Updates - 2008
- Update No. 1 January/February
- Update No. 2 February/March
- Update No. 3 March/April
- Update No. 4 April/May
- Update No. 5 May/June
- Update No. 6 June/July
- Update No. 7 July/August/Sept.
- Update No. 8 October/November
- Update No. 9 November/Dec.