UNDP Supports Training of 50 Sudanese Judges to Promote Good Governance and Rule of Law

Khartoum- February 13, 2011:The Sudan Judiciary and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have launched today a comprehensive training workshop targeting subordinate court judges at the Judiciary House in Khartoum. Fifty judges from different states are to participate in this four-week workshop which is aimed at raising the capacity of the judges to effectively and fairly apply the law and deliver justice.

UNDP’s “ Capacity Building of the Sudan Judiciary” project is designed to enhance the knowledge-base of judges and to ensure that individual citizens have access to an informed and impartial judiciary.

Deputy Chief Justice Mohammed Hamid Abusinn stated in his opening remarks to participants that, “Judges should extensively pursue training programmes here in Sudan which help build our capacity and increase the trust of our fellow countrymen in the Judiciary”.. “I urge you to use this opportunity effectively to increase your knowledge through research and knowledge platforms which UNDP and other donors are helping us with,” Justice Abusinn noted.

Director of the Training Department at the National Judiciary, Judge Hayder Ahmed Daffalla, thanked UNDP for its continued efforts in building the capacity of Judges through an interactive module to bridge the gap between conceptual visions of good governance and actual day to day practice of law.”

Speaking on the occasion, the head of the Governance and Rule of Law Unit in UNDP Sudan, Amanda Serumaga commended the partnership between the Judiciary and UNDP. “The positive relationship between the national Judiciary and the UNDP means that we remain very much interested in providing support where we can to address the training and justice administration gaps in the judiciary. We have noted that the Judiciary now has support from donors at a strategic level and would like to complement this support with an increased focus on capacity development for the judges at State level,” she said.

The Capacity Development of Sudan’s Judiciary project stems from a long-standing collaboration between the Sudan Judiciary and UNDP since 2007. After a period of significant investment in the judiciary infrastructure from Blue Nile State to Geziera the project is now more focused on providing judges of the court with the capacity to more effectively deliver their rulings and fairly applying the law and delivering justice.

Given the importance of a high-quality judicial training, the training programme will cover modern legal analysis, constitutional law, and civil law.

In 2010, UNDP has signed three letters of agreement with the Judiciary in Sudan with a total of 367,000 USD to support a number of activities for the Judiciary involving training for subordinate court judges, purchasing of video conferencing equipment for better communications between the center and states and printing of law reports.

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